#McDBlogHer Closing Party: I'm Loving it!

BlogHer14 McDbloger Closing Party : What an Gogurt Happy Meal Adventure I had! #McDBlogHer Closing Party....What a great way to end an amazing Weekend! ...more

Updated McDonald's Happy Meal: PR Stunt or Health Win?

Yesterday's announcement that McDonald's will roll out a healthier version of its Happy Meal in September (as well as slowly introducing additional nutrition improvements across the chain's menu) came as a pleasant surprise to many nutrition and food advocates, especially those who have been working to address fast food nutrition through legislative policy change. ...more
I don't know about that....but when I'm traveling, I think superfood drinks are a good way to ...more

Mom Sues McDonald's Because Her Children Keep Nagging Her for Happy Meals

From EmpowHER.com A woman is suing McDonald's because she claims her children are nagging her constantly for Happy Meals in order to get the toys inside. Monet Parham, a 41- year-old mother who works for the state of California is suing the fast food giant, saying that McDonald's has infiltrated her childrens' minds.  “"We have to say no to our kids so many times and McDonald's makes that so much harder to do....more

San Francisco Legislative Proposal Would Restrict Restaurant Toys to 200 Calorie Food Items

If you thought Seinfeld's Soup Nazi was bad, read this article about how a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors (a combined city and county governmental entity) wants to restrict restaurants in terms of the meals with which toys can be given. ...more

I long ago lost count of how many things I wouldn't know if it weren't for blogs. I love ...more