Ladies: A Gentle Reminder That You Do NOT Owe Anyone A Reason for Not Wanting to Engage with Them

Bye Felipe.   Straight White Boys Texting.  Tinder Nightmares.  OK Stupid.  Hey Sup Girl.  ...more

Harassment Following A Business-Related Affair Led to A Woman's Thougts Exploited & A Scandalous Cover-Up

Who wants someone reading their thoughts, probing through their memories, broadcasting their private lives & putting it on display? Sounds like a poor theme for a science fiction movie. But someone thought it up and made it possible. I remember reading a story a few years ago about them testing this out at a college. Volunteers would be hooked up to this thought reading machine to test it out. Somewhere along the way, perhaps before, they made it happen fit the WiFi world we live in now. ...more

Dear Disney, You got it wrong....

Dear Disney,...more

On Misogyny, Harassment and Coercion in the Creative Industry

As many of you know, I model....more

Stalking, Harassment and Control

Recently, my experiences with being stalked and harassed have been on my mind. I've been making progress in reading The Three Musketeers, which I'll be reviewing whenever I finally finish it, and the way Dumas handles male/female relationships is rather frightening in places. He follows the idea of men falling passionately in love with their mistresses, and going to great lengths to gain their affections. Of course, not all of the women in the book are fainting beauties, but the men all seem to be downright obsessive. ...more

Open Letter to Persistent Passive-Aggressive Nice Guy

Dear Persistent Passive-Aggressive Nice Guy,Just stop. Stop reading my blog after this. Stop following me on Twitter and Pinterest and anywhere. I blocked you for a reason. It wasn’t an invitation to give me even more attention. It wasn’t a cry for help. It wasn’t another hurdle in your crusade to get my attention.It was a clear message – I don’t want to be your friend, your girlfriend, your online buddy, your anything. I don’t intend to say “hi” if I see you in public. I don’t want to have coffee. I want you to get out of my life....more

Social Media Rants: Free Speech or Harassment?

Freedom of speech is a fundamental right of all Americans. We are proud of the right and quick to reference it anytime someone questions what we write or say. But does the right to say whatever we want give us the right to be heard? How do we balance free speech against the right to be free of slander, defamation and harassment? Is there a difference between what we say to a friend in person vs. what we post on social media sites?...more
The judge had the right intention but not the correct one, harassment and freedom of speech are ...more

Do Social Sites Do Enough to Help People Threatened with Rape and Death?

Web sites are not legally responsible for the safety of their users, this is true. But should dating sites and social networks be doing more to ensure their users know their rights and what to do in the event of abuse? They have terms of service that cover them legally, but how many of them spell out their policies as it regards to working with law enforcement to solve cases of serious cyber-abuse and threats? ...more
I was cyber-bullied late last year by people on a kink meme where I tried to write fan fic. ...more

Bubble Girl Meets Reality Check: Yes Virginia, Some Dorks DO (Still) Harass Women!

I have just realized that I live in a bubble. I am now in my 5th Fortune 500 Company, actually 6th if you count that I worked in the London and US entities for Citigroup...and today I read two blog posts that have me shaking my head. First this one: Cigna  where the woman doesn't get the promotion because she's "aggressive"....more

Although I admit a violent option appeals very strongly - especially if I met a donut boy (or a ...more

Epilepsy and Disability Rights

Nine months ago, I decided to come out to the blogging world as an epileptic. Since then, I have written a great deal about epilepsy. It's been a journey--I never would have imagined when I began that I would end up sharing the things that I have: personal stories, many of which I kept from the people closest to me. But I felt that, by sharing these stories, that I would expose the ways in which our society, culture, and law discriminates and deliberately hurts those of us with neurological and physical disabilities. I wanted an outlet for my frustration....more