Homemade Hard Cider: The Final Steps

The apples have been pressed, the yeast has been cultured, and the sugar has all been turned into CO2 and alcohol!...more

Cider Update

Cider update... Back sweetening the 2nd batch was the ONLY way we thought may be able to salvage it. I don't remember if I shared the basic recipe for the 2nd batch, but we used brown sugar which has molasses in it as the sweetener and yeast food. Dont. Use. Brown sugar... unless you want to make rum! Overall, it didn't turn out undrinkable. It's actually quite tasty for those who drink rum- or 'shine for that matter. ...more

The Story of Hard Cider

The story of hard cider. Dad and I like to have a few. It has been a decent portion of our weekly food budget for a while. We also actually read what the ingredients are in some beers, such as GMO's, caramel color, gluten (duh) and some other things that we try to stay away from. What to do, what to do? Make our own- like we do everything else! ...more

How I Made Hard Cider

Cidermaking at home is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to make your own alcohol. The key to delicious cider, is, of course, the apples! A crisp, sweet, well-rounded cider is made from a variety of apples. ...more
idyllicchick Oh yes! I bet there was some wild yeast working away in your fridge. That's great, ...more