Lean in During Hard Times

Have you ever experienced trials that seemed unrelenting?...more

How to Handle Difficult Times

In this world, you will face trials, difficulties, hard times. God warns us of such.At times it will seem like you are surrounded by a flood of difficulty.  Other times you may feel as if you are walking through the fire of hardship.Sometimes trials occur to test us. Other times they serve to strengthen us. Still other times they serve to distract us.In the midst of the trial, we may be tempted to question God: Is God still there? Does He even care? Has He left me to face this on my own?...more

A candid letter to my 27 year old self.

A lot of the blogs I follow and LOVE have been on a kick with writing letters to their younger selves, and I’ve been wanting to do it but couldn’t decide which “me” I should write to.  A lot of people write to their young teenage self telling them to “hang in there” and “shit gets awesome” but shit WAS awesome for me.  I had a great boyfriend.  Pretty much that’s what ...more
This is so cool! Sometimes we need to hear from our inner selves to give us a kick in the butt!more

Being Prepared So Hard Times Aren't So Hard. . .

Growing up I watched my mom preserve food, frequent case lot sales, and buy essentials (toilet paper, flour, sugar, rice) in bulk.  Joseph and I have begun our journey for a self-sustaining lifestyle and part of that lifestyle is being prepared.  Having a well stocked pantry is very important for those times when unexpected bills come up such as; cars breaking down, medical emergencies, job lay offs, etc.  I've found it's important to know how to cook in hard times too.  Believe it or not it is cheaper to make your own bread rather than buy it....more

Hard times to harmony...

Have you ever heard someone say, “Don’t pray for patience!”  The idea behind the statement comes from Romans 5:3, teaching patience is worked out in our lives by trials and tribulations.  But a closer look at this verse might be a good idea.  In the New Living Translation, Romans 5:3 says, “We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance (patience).”   Did you catch it?  We should rejoice in the trials.  Why?  They help us develop patience.  Life lesson:  Pray for pat...more

The Blanket: An Unexpected Gift

Starting Fresh When I was 12, our family picked up and moved from South Central Texas to the Texas Panhandle. It had been a rough year or so for my parents. Exactly how rough it had been I'll never know, but I knew enough to know we were starting over. For my mom, the move meant going back home to family. ...more

stand out in my mind are the year of the Cabbage Patch Dolls and the year that my family lived ...more

Believing in Yourself

Times are tough. The economy is in bad shape and the publishing business is worse. It’s certainly not a good time to start a writing career. Yet, here I am trying to do just that. At times it feels utterly futile and I’ve found myself questioning my sanity a lot lately. ...more