oven-roasted harissa chicken - a la Ottolenghi!

I haven't picked up the  Ottolenghi cookbook yet and this is temmmmptttiiinnnggg me. It looks ...more

North African Delight

This looks delicious! I might have to test this recipe out! Thank you for sharing :)more

Squash Blossoms, Green Harissa, Créme Fraiche Cheesecake...Yum!

Even skipping a week from the Accidental Locavore's farm box doesn't mean skipping out of the kitchen. Actually, I've been pretty busy putting all this great stuff to good use. So you can get a lot of the recipes, they’re all on the site and linked below....more

Smoked Salmon the Charcutepalooza way!

Hot Smoked Salmon."Smoked" anything sounds sexy. Doesn't it?Kind of what I thought I was when I was 16 and I started smoking. My mom and my lungs thought otherwise....more