Harmful Chemicals in Our Daily Personal Products

I recently spent some time on the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics website and came away surprised and concerned over the worrisome chemicals found in many of the personal care products that we put on our bodies every day. Image: ☺ Lee J Haywood via Flickr   Here’s a short list of contaminants (and related health concerns) I have gleaned from the site: ...more
I always assumed the government (FDA) monitored the ingredients in products more closely than it ...more

BPA and other Chemical Contaminants in Plastic Containers can be Harmful to Pregnant Women!

Dr. Michele Brown OB/GYNMuch has been written about particular ingredients contained in products that pregnant women use. However, emphasis should also be placed on the tubes and containers that hold these products. Toxic chemicals can be found in plastics that can seep into products exposing pregnant women via skin contact when applying products from these containers....more