Month of Movies: Will Helena Bonham Carter Be Oscar's Queen for a Day?

Helena Bonham Carter has my heart. Her role in The King's Speech certainly wasn't as gritty or fierce as those of her competitors'. She played Queen Elizabeth, after all. Her precise acting in such a tough role was truly Oscar worthy, exuding a careful royal air while also being vulnerable and adding complexity and depth to the piece through her performance. ...more

Melissa Leo for her role in The Fighter is an more

He's Growing Up: The Harry Potter Betrayal

Being a mother is joyous.  And being a mother is heart-wrenching.  What's that quote?  Something like, "it's like having your heart walk around outside your body." A heart can get pretty abused that way. The first time they don't cry when you leave them with someone else.  The first time they drop your hand and run to catch up with a friend.  The first time they wax poetic about their favorite teacher/babysitter/other special adult with the same rapture that was previously reserved for you. Your heart breaks, just a little, with each milestone of independence and each snip of the apron strings. ...more

until my son is old enough for us to have a special thing. He's 21 only months now. Even right ...more

A Free Moment

I found myself yesterday with a free moment and instead of going home and drifting off on the couch I had a great thought. I've been wanting to see the Harry Potter movie REALLY BAD and with a few hours to spare yesterday I flew to the theater to see it. I arrived about 2:51 with the movie to start at 3 and found the parking lot almost completely empty. YEAH! That meant no kiddos! My favorite part of the movies are the previews and there were no less that 10 at this movie. I was in heaven. I can't wait for the new Narnia movie and the Green Lantern and I think Green Hornet?!...more

Travel as a Life Lesson

Before I had kids, I use to daydream about the beautiful places we would take them on vacation.  At the time, I wasn't working and Drew had a flexible work schedule, so one month every year in another country, didn't seem all that far fetched.  A flat in Paris, a villa in Tuscany, an apartment overlooking the Danube, it didn't matter.  My goal was to spend one month living as the ...more

Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Post and Giveaway!

  This is a Holiday treat for you, Mamarazzi Knows Best readers! Kim Wright Wiley is the author of the #1 selling guidebook: "Fodor’s Walt Disney World with Kids," and is guest posting on my site for you!   Kim, a mother of two, wrote the first edition of Walt Disney World with Kids in 1989 and has logged more than 50 visits to the park, a statistic that stuns even her....more

Harry Potter 7 Part 1 - Review

3 minutes, 30 seconds. That's how long I lasted in watching Harry Potter 7 Part 1 before crying. I was crying again at 22 minutes, and again at the 34 minute mark....more

Comfort Books

Sometimes when I'm feeling down, angry, or have a need for familiarity, I turn to one of my comfort books. These books are ones that I can read over and over and still enjoy, they're like family members. Generally mine fall into the category of fantasy fiction, with alternate worlds, differing dimensions, secrets & make-believe. I know I'm not the only one with books like this, we all have special books that we turn to in times of torment – or even just because they're so damn good that they need reading again – but here is my list of comfort books. ...more

Harry Potter, Running and a Guilt Free Work Life

I confess I've been a tad discombobulated (is that not one of the finest words in the English language?).  Mostly because I made a conscious decision to relax.  For a whole week.  Yep, you read me right.  Work life balance for me often plays out as family, work, family, work, family, work.  It's about choosing the things that give me the greatest joy.  And those are the things that do.  But in the process, I've not been charging my own batteries as well as I should.  ...more

Amused and Diverted and Sometimes Flustered: Theme Parks Worldwide

One of the most widely anticipated amusement park entertainment experiences ever created – The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort – is set for a public grand opening on June 18. --PR Newswire ...more

I'm so excited!! I don't know when I'll be able to make it, but hopefully very soon. Just me and ...more

Is There a Hungry Harry Potter Fan in the House?

All the young muggles of the world are aflutter again, thanks to the opening of the latest Harry Potter movie. ScreenCave writes, "It’s already sold out hundreds of theaters across the country, but is it worth it? Absolutely. If you can wait, the experience will be even better in IMAX, but the story and the visuals hold up no matter what theater you’re in." But the food, what about the food? (Yes, for food bloggers, even movies must have a food angle!) ...more

Since a cookbook wasn't mentioned in all the posts I explored, it didn't occur to me to look. ...more