Summer Reading Program

OK, so maybe we're a little late to the party, but can I tell you? My son is so into Harry Potter right now, it's becoming a problem. He has declared that the back yard will soon be transformed into Hogwarts, complete with Quidditch Field, a lake, the castle itself, and Hagrid's house. The other night, he listed for a friend of mine the titles to each of the seventeen chapters of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  In order. Correctly. ...more

I might recommend The Mysterious Benedict Society books. They are kind of long but puzzles and ...more

Are You Going To Let Your Kids Watch The New Harry Potter Movie?

It seems that everywhere you turn there's talk about the opening of the latest Harry Potter movie. The wait has not been without its drama, with Ruper Glint (who plays Ron Weasley) catching the swine flu during filming and Jamie Waylett (who plays Draco Malfoy's crony Vincent Crabbe) getting arrested for possession and production of marijuana. ...more

I disagree completely. In a world where television, video games and the web are such a prominent ...more

Where Is My Big Summer Book Release?

I don't consider myself an adrenaline junkie. I don't leap out of planes or off bridges. I don't race cars. I understand the adrenaline rush though, the build up and the anticipation. I get it from book releases. The anticipation of a good book that is just waiting for you around the corner. The itching to get your hands on it. The midnight release parties. I love it. I thrive on it. But if feels like there's none to be found this summer and I find myself feeling flat. ...more

I can tell you I'm overwhelmingly excited for Chicks On Bikes to come out - the first ...more

Harry Potter Lexicon In Stores Now: Does Anybody Care?

Last week the Steve Vander Ark finally saw his Harry Potter Lexicon hit bookstore shelves. Yes, the one that is based on the Harry Potter Lexicon website. And yes, it is the book that J.K. Rowling sued Vander Ark over and won. So how did it make its way to shelves? Good question. ...more

Beedle was okay.  A cute little book with cute little storie that I'll be able to read to my ...more

JK Rowling Wins Lexicon Lawsuit

Author J.K. Rowling has won her case against the publishing house RDR and author Steve Vander Ark over the Harry Potter Lexicon. It was a case that had people contemplating copyrigt and fair use. Was Vander Ark's copy and pasting of information from the books, without attribution, covered in fair use? If the case went in JKR's favour would it be a blow to all reference books? The answer to both, as ruled by Judge Robert Patterson, is no. ...more

If/when JKR decides to publish a Lexicon herself. More court dates? ...more

Final Harry Potter Movie, The Deathly Hallows, Split Into Two Parts

Blogworld and message boards are abuzz with the news that the last Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, is being split into two parts. Immediately I am suspicious of the motives behind this, as there are already more Harry Potter books in circulation than people on Earth. (Yes, I just made that fact up. But it sounds true, doesn't it?) They couldn't possibly be trying to shake more money out of their rapt muggle audience, could they? ...more

Ha ha! Yes, a "brilliant" and yet totally transparent idea. Sometimes I wish they would just ...more

Why We Need a Strong Citizen's Media Movement in 2008

You know the state of journalism has become serious when Harry Potter and his wizard brigades have to come to the rescue. But that's just what has happened -- the Harry Potter Alliance, a group that tries to "fight the Dark Arts in the real world," has created an online music campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of media consolidation. That's just one of the media trends to watch for in 2008. ...more

Great post, Kim! I totally agree. I am hoping to interview the founder of the more

J.K. Rowling Reveals Dumbledore is Gay

At an event earlier late last week at Carnegie Hall, author J.K. Rowling announced that Albus Dumbledore, Hogwart's famed headmaster in the Harry Potter series, is gay. The announcement was greeted with cheers by fans. And it quickly hit the news sites even though the last book was released this past summer. It was picked up by Newsweek and The Washington Post. The Globe and Mail called it "the biggest outing in the entertainment industry since Ellen DeGeneres". The New York Times' The Lede posted on the "Blogospheric Reaction of the Outed Wizard". ...more

Oh, I can't resist.... yes, I outed one of my characters. (Though, raised by a gay dad, I've ...more

Potter, Goddess are at Hogwarts Kolkata, lawsuit notwithstanding

It's festival time in India for the rest of the year. I am over 8,000 miles away from home, but my heart is in a flutter. It feels like I am right there, partaking in the myriad colors, sights, sounds and mantras of the season. Especially close to my heart are these five precious days (October 17-21) of Durga Puja – and the months of October and November -- when my native state of West Bengal will be seeped in celebrating the power of three Hindu Goddesses, namely Durga, Lakshmi and Kali. ...more

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Book Review

Joanne Kathleen Rowling is back with the seventh and final book of her enthralling magical saga! Harry Potter fans worldwide have been waiting with bated breath for this all-important wrap-up to the line of captivating books. And dear old JKR sure knows how not to disappoint her readers! For the full review,click the following link : ...more