Sustainable Seafood: Which Fish Should I Buy?

The locavore life is made easier at this time of year now that farmers markets, CSAs and home gardens are operating once again. And, the cost of fish is gradually becoming more comparable in price to meat and poultry products. But conscientious consumers find the waters murky when it comes to eating sustainable seafood. It pays off - both in the pocketbook and health-wise - to do some homework about how to buy sustainably harvested fish....more

Meat-eater seeks Vegan for formal apology

I will always remember my very first meal on my very first day of culinary school.  I was a peon, a newbie. So, when an upperclassman put a plate of sweetbreads down in front of me, I didn't dare let the welling up surge of fear show on my face. I was so grateful with a "Nelson Longbottom" look-alike sais to someone, "Ewwww, what is this?" It was promptly explained to him that he would be enjoying veal sweetbreads, aka a baby cow's thymus gland! ...more

Sustainable Seafood

An estimated 90% of all large, predatory fish are already gone from the world's oceans. It is so important that we conserve what remains in the oceans, and harvest and consume seafood in a sustainable manner. To help consumers and restaurants make more informed choices when selecting the seafood they consume or serve, the Vancouver, British Columbia Aquarium has developed programs to help identify sustainable seafood choices. What does sustainable seafood mean? READ MORE... ...more