Is It Always a Good Idea to Use Hashtags on Social Media?

Locowise did a study last year that looked at best practices for the use of hashtags. The study examined how brands use hashtags in their posts, how many hashtags they use, and what the engagement rate is depending on number of hashtags used. Three months of data from Instagram and Twitter were examined. The engagement rate is defined as the percentage of total followers who either click on like or comment (or retweet on Twitter) on each post. ...more
Too many hashtags can look desperate LOL. A few are kind of fun because they can add humor or ...more

#Confused: I Don't Really Get Hashtags

We live in a #hashtag #world that makes it #easy to become #overwhelmed #reading #socialmedia posts with everything #hashtagged. #Wow. I am pretty sure I'm doing something wrong to not hashtag everything I write. Anybody else feel this way? I remember when it all started. I thought my hipster son was just using one of his idioms to be cool. Little did I know that he was on the cutting edge of existence as we live it today. ...more
Thank you for sharing that article, I appreciate it! Hopefully it won't change before we get the ...more

Stop Shouting About Your Abortion

I just left my Twitter account, where I saw that #ShoutYourAbortion is trending.  My jaw literally dropped open.  Whaaat?So I read further.  According to,“Using the viral hashtag “#ShoutYourAbortion,” women from various backgrounds explained why they chose to terminate their pregnancies and how they thought it had benefited their lives.”...more

(Hashtag) Trending, Over It

Played out: taking pictures of food, mason jars, and food served on slate. Haven’t we all had enough of…...more

Boost Your Tweet Reach with 9 Easy Marketing Tips

Imagine… Twitter is 7 years old. In social media years, it’s like Dog Years (a robust 49). With billions of tweets, Twitter is a marketing force that is difficult to ignore. Marketers are finding new and creative ways to make Twitter a larger part of their online efforts. Below are 10 tips that can boost your effectiveness in delivering your messages: ...more
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Utilizing Twitter Hashtags to Market Your Business

Once you’ve begun the process of using Twitter, you’ll begin to notice phrases embedded in people’s tweets that are known as “hashtags.” A hashtag is a word or phrase in a tweet that has a “#” prefix (the “#” is a “hash” symbol, hence the root of the name)....more