Crochet Fox Hat - Free Pattern


Desire - Panama Pretty

Even though Summer is almost over,  it's still important to consider that the sun is still beaming strong. That said, there’s nothing more important than keeping the sun’s exposure at a healthy level as you round out your summer vacay. What better way to keep the sun off your face (and not to mention those dreaded wrinkles), than by doing it in style?...more

You can leave your hat on

It seems runners are divided into two distinct camps when is comes to wearing hats while clocking up the miles. And both sides have valid arguments in their favour. My argument goes: sun, rain and wayward flora, a cap is your best protection against whatever Mother Nature decides to drop from above. ...more

Floppy hat,telling a retro and fashion story~

The retro wind, one of the most popular elements in 2012 summer!Especially the floppy hat is the most important accessories of the retro wind! Why we called “floppy hat” retro, for it is very popular in the 1960s Audrey Hepburn always worn a floppy hat to show her elegant and beautiful~...more

Knitting Round & Round Until It Becomes a Hat

 In the last couple of weeks I  have started a couple of knitting projects, but have not gotten very far.  I have a pair of socks and an afghan sitting on the needles.  I think I will frog the afghan.  I'm not sure about the marigold socks....more

Flower Embroidery

The seventh and last line on the lower part of the green hat is done. Here it is: ...more

Embroidery Stitches

The second ,,line" on the green hat is well on the way. It's not quite done, but you can clearly see where it's heading. EMBROIDERY STITCHES I have had some requests regarding the stitches I'm using. So I'll try to remember to name them as I get along....more

Why He Hasn't Called

Blog Directory4 Reasons Why He Hasn't Called*had beefless spahgetti with too much mushrooms....Monday:I texted that I was going to sleep after I'd eaten strawberries and not apples (maybe he likes apples better)TuesdayI texted him a picture of my cat after he texted me a picture of his dog (maybe his dog hates cats)...more

The Accidental Hat

I like to knit... I make scarves, hats, felted purses, fingerless gloves. I just bought a book to learn how to make socks two at a time....more