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A Need For Safety

Luke “Sasha” Fleischman, 18, has a friendly smile and likes wearing a skirt. They (Sasha’s preferred gender pronouns are they, them, their, and it) were born biologically male, but identify as agender. On November 4, Sasha fell asleep riding the bus from their Berkeley, California, high school on the way to their home in Oakland. When Richard Thomas, 16, got on the bus, he lit their skirt on fire. When I heard about Sasha, I wanted to rush to their aid and protect them....more
Thanks for writing and posting this, Eva. We need more voices like yours.more

May I Rant about Race and the President, Please?

I just read a link a high school friend posted on Facebook, which I shall not post here because I do not want to drive their traffic up.  It's a story about a white kid getting beat up by three black kids on a bus, complete with video, which I skipped. The title was, "13-year-old White Boy Beaten: Where is President Obama?"...more
@only-mama I have to say I agree with you. I think this quote says it best: "Every act of ...more

Are We All Your People? A Look at the Wisconsin Shooting.

I am an American Sikh, however I wasn't going to write anything about the tragic shooting at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin because I didn't think I had anything original or new to say. And I don't.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying anything that many of you have not already thought, and even put into words....more


How do we stop hate? Every day when I open the newspaper, listen to the news, or even on occasion overhear a conversation, there are varying degrees of dispute. Some are civil, but too many veer into unabashed hate. Often the people involved can't see that what they are doing is engaging in an act of hate for another person. Every time someone pokes fun at a gay person it isn't funny, it is engaging in an act that hurts, destroys, and sometimes causes the other to be unable to tolerate the barrage. ...more

Minorities Hating Minorities

So you've heard about the case in the news where this Indian student filmed his roommate with another man and threatened to broadcast it live.  The roommate ended up jumping off a bridge.  The kid who filmed him ended up getting like ten years in jail for a hate crime and invasion of privacy....more

New Year, New Blog posts by Gina Barreca

On teaching: On family style dining: Hate:...more

When hate kills, are politicians and journalists culpable?

Earlier this month, 37-yearold  Ecuadorian immigrant Marcelo Lucero died because, according to police, seven teenaged boys in Long Island decided to "go find some Mexicans" to beat up. ...more

Kim--Last year, UCLA (I think) came out with a study showing the enormous economic ...more

Monday November 10th: The 70th anniversary of Kristallnacht

Hatred creeps in on little steps, establishing itself like a cancer, a cell at a time. Inch after inch is surrendered until feet are gone, then yards, then more until, finally, the streets run red with blood. Every tolerated incursion becomes a foothold for hatred. Many small incursions had been taken in Germany in the early days of Hitler's despotic rule. These led to Kristallnacht. (The Night of Broken Glass). Seventy years ago, Kristallnacht occurred. ...more

Teresah, I'll proudly stand with you on this issue.  Marriage is between one man and one ...more