5 Reasons NOT to Quit Your Job Today

So many of us have been there before. Work is making you crazy and you just can’t take it anymore! Although it’s tempting to just say “f*#k it” and walk out, I challenge you to see you if any of the following applies to you....more

25 Signs You Hate Your Job

Today I was talking with a colleague about what it felt like in those deep dark days of being in a job that you hate. It is intense. The feelings are real and sometimes the thoughts are irrational. It feels like you are trapped with no way out. It's not funny business by any means. That said, we vamped on a bit about some definitive signs that your job is killing you and sucking out your soul. So here's today's top 25 list of "you know you hate your job when..." ...more
I loved reading this, great post -  I knew I had to get out of my job, and decided to start a ...more