Hurrah for Hat Season: Warm, Soft Favorite Berets, Caps and More

Oh, how I love hats! From brimmed caps to berets, there's something about donning a hat that makes me feel sexy and smart. Now that it's cold weather season, here are my favorites:...more

Supersized Plaid + Scuba Leggings.

Nothing like a new wide brim wool hat to ring in fall, am I right? This Rag &...more


Yesterday's storm never came.I am waiting for it still.  The sky is overcast.  I am thinking that it's a no show.  I head out for my walk with Sheba without a hat.  Of course, the sun comes out and beats down on us. I regret my decision immediately.  Why do things always happen like that?...more

Slice of Life - Hats

So, as we were moving, I came across my old fedora that I'd bought in San Diego in 2007 one day when I was feeling sassy. It's rad, but I never wear it anymore because at 30 years old, being a stay at home mom to twins, I'm decidedly not sassy these days....more

Hats Off!

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Best Fall and Winter Hat Styles

cloche hat  /  cat winter hat  /  fedora hat  /  faux fur hat  ...more

Kentucky Derby: The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Celebrity Hats

Oh, Celebrities. You make everything more fun. Even The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.Hollywood headed south this weekend to lend their glitz to the Kentucky Derby's glamour, and the results, of course, do not dissapoint. Except for the Brits on a Royal Wedding Day, nobody does it better. (Or at least, nobody tries as hard.)...more
Love hats and your captions were so fun :)more

Examining A Strange Moistness

There's one of those things that people say. Something about wearing someone else's shoes. I don't believe in repeating things idly, but I do think I believe that sentiment. I think one thing we should not, under any circumstances, do is wear someone else's hat. The shoes are kind of icky, but the metaphorical shoes of the metaphor will probably not have athlete's foot or a strange moistness to them. Probably it's about having some perspective. The hats though, the hats. It's one thing to try and see from another perspective....more