Only if they pull their weight

NaBloPoMo November 2012 Prompt Friday, November 16, 2012: Would you buy your dream house if the price was right BUT you also were told it was inhabited by ghosts? That depends. What kind of ghosts are we talking about? ...more

Why I Want to Live in a Haunted House

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Chuckles! That is until you hear creepy laughter in the middle of the night and the sound of ...more

Ghoulish Goodies in Vermont

It is time to scare up some fun for the kiddies.  Halloween time is upon us. Get those costumes ready for some back-to-back usage.  This year there are more parades, costume parties, contests, and haunted happenings than ever before....more

Scary Travels

Last year, shortly before Halloween, some pals went on a haunted/spooky/some third adjective tour in Georgetown, a recovering industrial neighborhood here in Seattle. I missed it, I was in Tampa and ended up a bit too close to a Sarah Palin rally for my likings, that's all I needed to set the tone for my Halloween. I wish I'd been able to attend the Seattle tour, those things have a way of sticking with you and now, every time we buzz through Georgetown -- there's a coffee house I like there -- my husband points out haunted brothels and places where other unseemly events took place. ...more

Haunting for a Cure: How Ernie Romegialli Organized a Haunted House That Has Raised Over $650k for Diabetes Research

by Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore 18 years ago, Ernie and Carol Romegialli got some news that changed their lives. ...more