For the times they are a-changin’

My best friend Fran moved to Florida a couple of years ago and I don’t get to see her very often. We speak nearly every week on the phone and through FaceTime, but this past weekend she was home visiting her family. Lisa, my other best friend, and I had the chance to meet her for some breakfast at our hometown diner where many a mornings were spent gossiping about the night before, or discussing future plans....more

On Having or Not Having Kids

Yesterday, my friend posted an article on Facebook about things people say when they hear somebody does not want to have kids. It's humorously written, but it brings out a serious issue - people find it so impossible to respect...more
What a great post! Now, if only more people that I know thought like you...!more

Ambivalence About Having Kids Shouldn’t Be Taboo

All my life I have assumed that I would get married and have kids, but I never once had an active urge to make babies. I knew women and men who had always dreamed of the day they could have their own families, and next to them I felt like I was a bad person. Their behaviour, shock at my ambivalence, and society’s influence made me feel like something was wrong with me. I was broken. I was not a good woman....more

Working Moms or Not: Is Your Child "the Best Thing You've Ever Done"?

Nancy Hass of Elle, a mother of one, recently wrote a scathing article called "Die, Mommy, Die!" in which she contends successful women should shut up already about their kids at work.  Is she right? Is childbirth an accomplishment as much as a phenomenal presentation is? ...more
BeautyVSarahS As someone with a kid, those people without kids aren't missing out on anything. I ...more

If you are afraid of getting your heart broken.

...then you are not ready to become a parent. In tonight's episode of Brothers and Sisters, Robert says this to Kitty when she confides that she is so afraid of allowing herself to feel hopeful about an upcoming adoption. She's been let down before. She cannot bear to have her heart broken again. If you are afraid of getting your heart broken then you are not ready to be a parent. No truer words were ever spoken. ...more