Barbarian Hordes? Don't Order Off the Menu

It is always a financial challenge for a family that consumes large quantities of food to eat out. The prices of eating at a restaurant are much higher and the quality of food much lower than what can be prepared at home. Especially if one is used to organic nutrient dense food. It's a stretch to think restaurant dining can be cost effective....more
PardonMyRandomness Hey there, Heather! Why, how nice to e-meet you. No, I don't understand how ...more

Color Run [The Most Colorful Excuse to Have Fun]

Cross Post: Let's Take a Fun Inventory! It's Good Practice

“Practice having fun until fun becomes fun.” – Melody BeattieFor some reason, I had been struggling with what to write on the topic of fun. Perhaps it’s because I often struggle with letting go and having fun in my own life. So this post will be as much for me as it will be for those who read it. For awhile, I couldn’t figure out what angle to take with the “fun” topic. That is until my Higher Power led me to the Melody Beattie affirmation above:Practice having fun until it becomes fun....more
 @michelewhitney Oh a 5K would be fun.  I kinda figure that if you can walk a 5K, then heck, why ...more

My friends call me muggsie (How I got my first traffic tickets)

I want you to know that the California budget crisis is over.  I have fixed it.  We no longer have a deficit. Public school classrooms can buy more books, roads can be repaired, prisoners can get better meals, grandparents can get social security.  It's all thanks to me and my criminal activities. Yes, I am that philanthropic.  I think I deserve a museum...or at least a statue. I normally am a very generous person, if you don't mind me boasting (no one said anything about me being humble too).  I give money to lots of people....more

Easy Ways to Add Nutrition to Your Day!

Here are a few quick tips on adding some extra nutritional value to your life: ...more