OMG! Mommy Has Sex!

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article by Elizabeth Bernstein titled "How Often Should Married Couples Have Sex?" I truly believe this is a great read that raises some interesting points but I must admit that when I read a write up about the article on the Huffington Post the other night I was highly critical of the piece. ...more
Pretty much the only thing that's made our sex life even remotely interesting in the last 10 ...more

Are The Holidays Cramping Your Sex Life?

The Holiday Season is looming and our days…and nights…seem to get shorter and shorter with all we have to do.  Family gatherings and house guests, frantic shopping, cards to send, meals to prepare, office parties to attend, costumes to make, school holiday festivities to volunteer for…the list goes on and on. With all this facing you in the next couple of months, when will you find the time to inject romance, seduction and sex into your busy day?  My guess is if you wait for the opportunity to present itself you won’t have another orgasm or sexy night with your mate until sometime early next year.  What a depressing prospect!...more

I'm in BMuff!  I think the world would be happier place if people took more time for the ...more