The birds and the bees talk continues

I did blush, well internally for sure.  You see there was never any talk about our bodies and what they do when I was growing up.  My mother signed the permission slip for first, the film strip in 4th grade, and then the movie in 5th grade about puberty and all that goes along with that.  When I got home after each event, she asked if I had any questions.  Yep that was the extent of my learning about my body and what it could do as a girl and woman....more

To Protect Our Sons, We Must Destroy Their Innocence: Raising Sons in a Rape Culture World

Do you remember having ‘the talk’ with your parents? “When a mommy and daddy love each other very much they give each other a special kind of hug and….” We all know how the rest of that old tale goes. Families vary it -- some add detail, some get by on euphemisms, some tell the whole thing like an allegory leaving kids lost somewhere between terrified and befuddled -- but for the most part, all parents give the same sex talk to prepare their kids for what is to come. But that was before we understood we lived in a rape culture. ...more
"A culture of misogynist sexualization and violence against women has reshaped that talk in ways ...more

You Need to Talk to Your Kids About Online Porn. Really, You do.

Recently, I wrote about how I got to teach my daughter a lesson about real life and the online worldwhen she got into a bit of virtual trouble. This week, I'm writing about acting pre-emptively. Because, well, as the Avenue Q song says: The internet is for porn...more