The Birds and The Bees...And That Fishing Pole Goes Where??

When I was a kid, I remember being given a book that described how two large round cartoon people made a baby. I also remember that somewhere in the middle of the book it suggested that you ask your mom and dad to stand next to each other naked so that you could observe the differences in their bodies. Fortunately for me and for my parents, I had enough common sense to know that this was a terrible, terrible idea....more

Talking Sex with My Three-Year-Old: From Baby-Making to Self-Pleasuring and More

I've been talking sex quite a bit this past year with our three-year-old. Most recently, at almost four, the conversation has focused a lot on conception and birth, primarily because she'd love for us to make another baby, and also because she's been wanting to look at pictures from when she was very little, including in my womb. We look at pictures of my big pregnant belly and those documenting her birth. She gets that it hurts to push a baby out of a tiny vagina....more

Learning To Fly

This past Monday, a friend of mine at work gave me the following affirmation that she tears from a daily affirmation book:   "Daughters are not the chance to do a corrective rerun on one's own misguided youth.  They want their own misguided youth."  Pam Brown  ...more