How quickly can you add 9152 + 8599? Or, come up with the answer to 95 x 89?...more

Balsamic Roasted Market Winter Vegetables

Even though Spring is just around the corner, my local Farmer’s Market has some fabulous winter vegetables still in season. This medley of kabocha squash, brussel sprouts, and jerusalem artichokes {or sunchokes} is simply roasted and served with toasted hazelnuts for a delicious side dish. Any winter squash or vegetables can be substituted into this recipe....more

Hazelnut Apple Pie Bites

I think I have just made the best raw vegan dessert ever.I mean EVER.I seriously am having a hard time not going into the kitchen and eating more before finishing this blog.Yup…it’s that good....more

Caramel Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

It has been insanely cold in Switzerland over the past few weeks so, I thought I would treat myself. And oh... oh my, was this hot chocolate ever delicious!Find the recipe and more here at The Secrets of Living...more

Six Pears a Penny

This is a very simple dessert packed with flavor that can be prepared without cooking. ...more

Banana Hazelnut Bread

Recipe: Homemade Banana Bread with Molten Chocolate Hazelnut Center

Benjamin Daymon's Tastes & Travels Easy Homemade Banana Bread with a Molten Chocolate Hazelnut Center   Moist and delicious, this original recipe Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Bread is easy to make and yields a decadent, lava-like chocolate center that makes this banana bread truly memora...more

Candied-Hazelnut Cupcakes

Impress your guests at your next get together with these extra special treats - Candied-Hazelnut Cupcakes - Almond Hazelnut Cupcakes with Dark Chocolate Frosting and Caramel-Dipped Hazelnuts - so divine!...more

Gordon Ramsay's Four-Minute Chocolate Mousse

Wow your family and friends at your next get together with the easiest dessert, that literally only takes minutes to make - Gordon Ramsay's Four-Minute Chocolate Mousse - silky, creamy, and light, full of chocolate goodness with a hint of hazelnut....more