(Does Anyone Really Care) Whodunnit?

Contains (show, not book) spoilers for the most recent episode of Game of Thrones ......more

Not That There Ever Was Any Doubt ...

.... but Game of Thrones has already been renewed by HBO for two more seasons, after its fourth season premiere (which got record ratings) last Sunday night. In fact, the first episode was so popular that it crashed HBO's streaming site, HBO GO....more

He Calls Me Grace and Other Klutzes

I am a klutz. That is a fact. This evening, for example, I divided up some raw hamburger and placed some in the refrigerator to have for dinner tomorrow night. This resulted in blood leaking onto the salad bowls below. While attempting to clean it up, I proceeded to fling it in spotted streaks across my kitchen floor and counter. The whole time, Eric stood back and laughed....more

Liberals are NOT for Women's Rights

Probably nothing on this planet that more immensely annoys me than the obnoxious liberal men all over the media."For women's rights!" and "We love women!" while advertising crap that simply degrades women annoys me so much....more
When I count the amount of times a Democratic male vs. a Republican male has personally insulted ...more

The Child's Garden of Poetry

"Game of Thrones" Ends With a Punch-in-the-Gut Finale (Spoilers!!)

The iconic shot from last season's Game of Thrones finale was of Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) rising from the ashes with her baby dragons perched on her naked body. It was a punch-in-the-gut visual that would be hard for any TV show to top....more
@natalied6579 Thanks for the info Natalie. I knew the books weren't finished yet. As far as ...more

Girls Talk: HBO Premieres "Girls" and "Veep"

It’s been a busy couple weekends for HBO, with two Sunday premieres in a row: first, Girls and now, Veep. The first brought a bunch of new faces to TV, and the second, sitcom stars we know and love. Don’t have HBO? That’s OK. They’re sharing these pilots with everyone....more

Who Are Your Favorite Characters from "Game of Thrones?"

Winter is coming and we can hardly wait.  Those of you who have already joined the Game of Thrones party know this is one of the core phrases from HBO's wildly popular sci-fi fantasy series. Based on George R.R. Martin's best-selling series of books (Song of Fire and Ice), the second season debuted two weeks ago and airs at 9PM on Sundays. The ratings are so impressive, a third season has already been approved....more
@Tiffany: If you are wondering about the TV show vs. the books, I have all thumbs up from my son ...more

"True Blood's" New Season Doesn't Suck

Alexander Skarsgard, Anna Paquin, Stephen MoyerImage: Art Streiber/HBO...more

It's always worth giving it a try!



Summer TV is Gonna Rule So Hard. And Also? Vampires!

OK, I’ll admit it…TV and I have kind of been seeing other people lately. The only time I return to my beauteous LED is to watch Game of Thrones on HBO, which is ending soon for this season. (Did you see that last episode? WTF? But I digress.)HOWEVER, you guys? TV is about to get ALL SORTS OF AWESOME in the next few weeks. Well, that is, if you're into the shows I'm into. And you should be....more

Totally Team Eric!

It's been a tough few weeks without House and Selling New York and Top ...more