BALLERS: The Complete Second Season Shows How the Game is Played on Bluray

Coming this week from HBO Home Entertainment is an inside look at of sports and the management company’s that are complete BALLERS: The Complete Second Season.Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne Johnson) is a retired NFL player who has moved on to work Mr. Anderson (Richard Schiff) at Anderson Financial Management representing players. Along with sidekick and business partner Joe (Rob Corddry), these two run around Miami, Florida putting out fires the players seem to create....more

THREE DAYS OF TERROR: The Charlie Hebdo Attacks

Coming from Emmy nominated filmmaker Dan Reed and HBO Documentary Films on September 19th is the in-depth look at one of the most heinous terror attacks with THREE DAYS OF TERROR: The Charlie Hebdo Attacks.Described as a lovely sunny day in Paris, it would not end as well. On January 7th, 2015 two men would enter the building searching for the magazine Charlie Hebdo. Once they found it, the two terrorist opened fire killing twelve staff....more

NOTHING LEFT UNSAID: Gloria Vanderbilt & Anderson Cooper Share Family Love & Loss

Premiering on HBO April 9th is Academy Award Nominee and director Liz Garbus documentary about on of the most iconic women in the world and news trusted son with NOTHING LEFT UNSAID: Gloria Vanderbilt & Anderson Cooper. ...more

Interview: Director Brett Morgen on Creating 'Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck'

In 2007, Courtney Love gave filmmaker Brett Morgen the keys to the kingdom — the kingdom of Kurt Cobain. Cobain’s clothes, toy collection, journals, artwork, videos, recordings, and other possessions were all being kept in a non-descript storage facility. Now Love, who’d been impressed by Morgen’s documentary about film producer Robert Evans, The Kid Stays in the Picture, wanted Morgen to use Cobain’s artifacts as the basis of documentary about him. ...more

Game of Thrones Season 5 Is Underway

Non Book Reader, The Wars to Come Episode BreakdownSunday felt a little like Christmas morning with Game of Thrones season 5 premiere, and of course the continuation of Mad Men’s final season. Though our viewing party had fans of both shows, I understand that they are from two completely geeky worlds – but it made for a great party filled of wine and bourbon (I think we should have rethought that one through!). Lets get on with our highly anticipated Game of Thrones premiere, The Wars to Come and breakdown our favorite three moments. ...more

Game of Thrones Premiere Night!

IT’S FINALLY HERE!WOOHOOO!!!!!!I couldn’t be more excited if I tried.  It’s one of the few shows I watch religiously when it’s airing.  It’s not DVR’ed or downloaded.  Nope.  Watch it every Sunday night live on HBO....more

Holding for the Flush, the Open Mike and 'The Jinx' Finale

[Editor's Note: See this author's previous posts about The Jinx Will HBO's 'The Jinx' Seek Justice for the Murder of My Friend Susan Berman? and Durst Verdict: Results Not Typical] ...more

In Defense of: The Newsroom

Aaron Sorkin’s latest series The Newsroom returns tonight for its final season on HBO, and I, for one, am excited. The Newsroom faces a lot of scrutiny and has had some pretty not nice things said about it, some of which I agree with. And yet, I still love it and I’m looking forward to its return....more

(Does Anyone Really Care) Whodunnit?

Contains (show, not book) spoilers for the most recent episode of Game of Thrones ......more

Not That There Ever Was Any Doubt ...

.... but Game of Thrones has already been renewed by HBO for two more seasons, after its fourth season premiere (which got record ratings) last Sunday night. In fact, the first episode was so popular that it crashed HBO's streaming site, HBO GO....more