Why women love (Lena Dunham's) Girls

By Rena GalanisThe girls on HBO's (Lena Dunham's) Girls have been pretty much decimated in terms of criticism of their characters on the show. Lena Dunham has come under crossfire many times for depicting a selfish, self-centred, privileged, whiny world of 20-somethings coming of age in Brooklyn, New York. For me that's exactly what makes this gang of girls, well - loveable....more

5 Parenting Vows I'm Sticking To After Watching HBO's "Girls"

I'm transfixed by Lena Dunham and her friends on HBO's Girls. These self-absorbed, generally very unlikeable, and deeply flawed girls captivate me. However, as a feminist, as a GenX-er, as a woman whose twenties aren't in that distant in the past, I mostly want to scream at each of the girls,"What are you thinking?" 'Girls' courtesy of HBO ...more
Good post. I'm in college myself so I can relate to these girls but I do agree on many of the ...more