Things to Watch For After a Blow to the Head

Today, my 16-month-old daughter experienced her first bump on the noggin (click HERE for full story).  In light of my last post, this is sort of hilarious...I am NOT a nurse, but I called a local health-line to find out if I should be seriously concerned about Celia, and this is the list of questions they asked me, and things they gave me to watch for (in brackets are the 'good' answers):...more

Help, I've Fallen, And I Can't... Wait, What?

As I write this, I have an ice pack on my head, and my iPhone at hand, ready to grab when my doctor calls. I have multiple tabs open in Firefox, one to a Google search on 'head injury,' another to a Google search on 'fell down hit head call doctor?' and another to the Twitter stream on which I asked 5600 people whether or not I should be worried that I fell down and hit my head. Because I did exactly that - fell down and hit my head - and I'm worried that I have a head injury....more

I still have a headache, but no nausea or dizziness. I'm going in to see my doctor, though, ...more

Natasha Richardson Dies From Head Injury After Skiing Accident

All day today there had been speculation about the condition of actress Natasha Richardson, after she suffered a head injury while skiing on Monday. Sadly, her death has been confirmed in a written statement by a spokesperson for her family... ...more


you refer to, and yeah, it is a dangerous sport, because it combines various ...more

The Fight of My Life

I hope it's okay to post a link to my blog: It's I was just an ordinary gal living an ordinary life when it was all indelibly changed in a split second by an auto accident on freeway. Thank you kindly. ResilientHeart ...more