What's in a Number?

The Top 5 Breakfast Sandwiches in L.A.12 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner11 Grammar Lessons From the CIA Stylebook10 Fun Uses for Old Card Catalogs9 Bizarre New Snacks to Try5 Weirdest Gins and Vodkas You Can Buy4 Words Parents and Kids Should Never SayWhat do all these headlines have in common? That's right – numbers.(1) Now read them again without the numbers. Are the headlines any better or worse? Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner. Fun Uses for Old Card Catalogs. Weirdest Gins and Vodkas You Can Buy. What's wrong with those?(2)...more

Five Unbearable Internet Facts That Will Make You Headdesk for the Rest of Your Life

Guys, what are we doing? What is it in our nature that compels us to click on stupid headlines? We already know that whatever that content is, it's not "earth-shattering", it won't "blow our minds" and it probably won't even "melt our hearts". It's very unlikely anything we can read from these aggregates will make us hate humanity, we probably will actually be able to believe it, and you know, the danger probably isn't really in our own home. So, why do we click? Why are we allowing click bait to be a thing? For this, I have no answer....more

Controversy (like Sex) Sells!

Don't believe it? Well just take a look at the recent headlines. The Sarah/Bristol Palin story is still getting media attention and filling up the blogosphere with endless opinions and counter-opinions. Why would a mother put her daughter in this predicament by agreeing to run for VP of the USA? Should Bristol marry her baby daddy? Whatever happened to the conservative Christian value of abstinence? ...more

The Upside to Teen Pregnancy

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve probably heard that 16 year old Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant. That’s right, the wholesome star of "Zoey 101" is going to be a mamma. Guess they’re going to have to change the name of her show to "Teen Pregnancy, 101" ’cause she’s got a lot to learn. But while everyone is up in arms over this whole thing, we at Mommy Warriors have a different take. Below is our list of the top ten positive reasons for having kids in your teens. MommyWarriors.com 's Top Ten Reasons for Having Kids in Your Teens ...more

Ok some of those are positively silly. Funny enough, but silly. Even though I was 17 when my ...more