Scarf It Up for Women's Cancer!

Cancer should not define us! My message to women who have lost their hair due to medical hair loss is: Just because you have lost your hair does not mean you have to loose your sense of style. ...more

Sunny. Extremely hot.

A few days ago I had to make a phone call to Saudi Arabia from work. I hopped onto Google to check 'current time in Riyadh' and clicked on the first link. I did find the time, but I was distracted by this: You see that? That's CRAZY hawt! (For those of you who don't speak Celsius, the high is 113, 114 degrees every day!) ...more

In Transition…Caring for Newly Grown Hair After Chemotherapy

Hello all my Beaudivas! As we make the slow transition from summer to fall, it got me thinking about all of the brave and wonderful women who have completed their chemotherapy treatments. Before you know it, new hair will once again adorn your head. These precious new sprouts are so delicate and worthy of celebration and some tips on caring for your compromised follicles could be helpful. ...more

Wrap It Up- It's All the Rage.

Wrap It Up- It’s All the Rage! Headscarves are stylish, elegant and really give a sense of femininity. The revival of the scarf doesn’t surprise me. ...more