Healing Takes Time. Humility Takes Courage. Forgiveness is a Process. Don’t Rush It

One of the most important things we must acknowledge about forgiveness is that it is a process that occurs over time. It doesn’t happen overnight. To mend something that is broken can take a lifetime to fix. Humility takes courage....more


Today’s post is devoted to compassion—I’m a little early for the #1000SpeakforCompassion, but figured on the eve of Chinese New Year’s—and in celebration of the Year of the Wood Sheep (or Ram or Goat), why not do it now?  Open my mind and heart and devote some thoughts on compassion....more

Laundry Time

Back in those dark days of the not too distant past, the weekly need to do our laundry affected my whole day (and, to be honest, bled over to the days before and after as well). We’d been spoiled by many years of having our own washer and dryer, before downsizing an extreme amount to try full time camper living (an interesting experiment that lasted just over a year)....more

Week 5: Something Borrowed, Something New!

Something Borrowed; Something New!As you progress through these challenges remember they are cumulative so if this is your first time participating, I recommend you go back and start with week one and progess from there. This way you will get the true benefits of learning about your Body Within.This week I would like you to learn about yourself; to see how open and accepting you are to change, new ideas and all the possibilities around you....more

The Pros and one con about blogging your divorce, take 2.

I thought i'd re-link my post over at divorcedmoms here.  :-) Also, they did polish it to fit with their editorial style and content, which I can understand and support....more

Talk about domestic violence but give Janay Rice dignity of privacy

Watching the video of Ray Rice punching the lights out of his then fiance, Janay Palmer, has been nothing short of horrifying. Reading comments and open letters giving advice to Janay has been almost as disturbing.National outrage at the video footage of former Baltimore Ravens running back, Ray Rice, 27, punching his then fiance out cold and then callously dragging her limp body out of the Revel Casino elevator in Atlantic City (now closed) in which the altercation took place, has led to his indefinite suspension from the NFL....more

A New Tattoo: On The Art of Healing

It’s been a week since I had my 3 new (well, 2 new and a cover-up) tattoos done , and I’ve had a new observation. As I’ve watched my tattoos heal, I realize how much the process reflects not just the symbols I’ve inked into my body, but also how growth happens in life. Tattoos are art, and I believe there is an art in healing, too....more
Karen Ballum  Thanks so much Karen!more

Break The Silence

Was I ready to relive the pain of stillbirth?My fingers trembled as I turned on the television. Who was I kidding? I wasn't brave enough to do this. I can't even watch the opening of “Up” without tearing up. I started to change the channel, but I couldn't do it. I was transfixed watching, knowing full well what was going to play out.My husband walked in and realized I was watching “that movie.”...more
Sending BIG hugs of comfort. Unfortunately, I too know the stillness of labor room when the ...more