... its a rough day to be me ... here's a glimpse

Ever have one of those days where you step out of the house and realize your Shirt/tunic isn’t as long as you had thought it was and your sweater isn’t really covering everything you thought it should….   So, now you are wearing what appears to be an oversized t-shirt with leggings that aren’t as dark in bright office lightning as they were at home through half closed eyes and soothing lights…. None of which you should be wearing in the first place because your too fat? Unless (in my head at least) The tunic is so dazzling and just long enoug...more
That sounded like a rough day! Your tunic situation sounded horribly distressing (and a bit ...more

How I edited my life at age 11

Hey there.  How's your story going?...You know. The one you are living? What do I mean? Well, there's a buncha folks talking about this very thing over at Chris Brogan's blog:...more

trust me we fool many :) tee hee. denise is shakin her head to that comment.
seriously, when i ...more

Growing is a Journey of Being, Not Cause for Blame or Guilt

It's Wednesday. A day I used to describe as a middle day... A day that used to feel the midway point of climbing an ascent. A week ago, here on the blog, I began a regular series about Ways of Womanhood..the way I'm seeking to live it, be it, exude it. And I giggled this morning because in no way do I see my unfolding of my expression of the woman I am as an ascent or upward climb. But I used to....more

Healing Self Hatred...a Vital First Step

I've always had a passion for finding the good in someone, zeroing into it, celebrating it, valuing that individual, either from afar or more directly to them in words or deeds. This just has kinda always been a trait of mine. My uncle actually used to giggle when I'd write a note to him on a birthday card. "Tre always makes me feel so much better than I really am." I used to laugh when he'd say that....more