Pervs are pigs!

I hate to insult pigs but as you can see it's one of the things that makes me boil with anger. I look at pictures of who they say is me when I was little, I don't recognize me. I see a little girl who I feel sorry for, I see sadness even beneath the smiles. She was being sexually abused on a regular basis by my grandma's husband, I don't say my grandpa because he was my dads step-father not my grandpa. I can't believe it happened, I just don't know how, he had done it to other's and no one saved me....more

Four Years and Healing

My child turns four today. How did it happen? Where did those sucking-at-the-breast all the time days go? Now replaced by the talking-all-the-time days. They were, are, both wonderful and draining at the same time, sucking it all out of me while filling me up again all the more too. Plus with some....more