A Little Golden Book of Recovery: On Saturday Mornings We Play in the Garden

“Saturday. Cartoon Day,” she whispers me awake each Saturday morning. I don’t know why she whispers. I am the only one here. I try to ignore her but she whispers again, “Saturday.” ...more

Cross Post: Loving My Inner Child

I am a mom to two kids. First, I am a mom to my Samson kitty. And second, I am a mom to my own inner child. This “child” lives within me.  She is the little girl that I once denied, but now welcome and nurture with open arms. I am now a parent to her the way I would be to any child. She is the sweet little girl that I protect when the world wants to harm her.She…is ME....more

Women's Art Retreat Planned: Nurturing the Child Within March 17, 2012

        March 17 this spring, I am offering a day retreat for women survivors of childhood sexual abuse or other childhood pain. We will use gentle hands-on art meditations to touch and listen to our inner children. No artistic skill is needed. Careful boundaries will create a safe place in which to work and share (sharing always optional). The retreat is held at my Rahamim Retreat House in Sewanee, TN, between Nashville and Chattanooga. There is direct access from either airport. Inexpensive overnight accommodations are available.....more
 @SunbonnetSmart.com Thanks, Robin. the retreat has to be rescheduled because I am sick with a ...more