Introducing Pink Medicine

When I decided to put my white coat back on, I committed to reclaiming what I love about medicine and ditching what I’ve come to despise. In fact, after leaving medicine - supposedly for good - I had to expand and redefine “health” and change the whole way I think about practicing medicine in order to feel proud of my MD title and rekindle my on-again-off-again relationship with health care. Now that I am working with patients again - in my own way - I remember how much I truly love medicine and how I felt the call to serve at the young age of seven....more
What an absolutely wonderful approach to health and healing. About the name, I'm of 2 minds. I ...more

Save Your Shoes - Three Products You Will Want to Invest In

Among many other things, this economy has thought us about buying quality over quantity. Buying things that will last past the trends and fads and that will endure triumphantly over the wear-and-tear. This is what French women have always done with their fashion and accessories choices. Their expensive but few yearly purchases are considered investments pieces: the classic designer handbag, the impeccably cut jacket and the shoes. Ah, the shoes…...more