To Diet Or Not To Diet

Whenever I utter the word “diet,” people fidget in their seats, their faces harden, and they say, “oh no—not me. I’m not going there.” So before your shutters go up, please give me a chance to explain. Skinny Thinking is not a diet; it’s about creating a new relationship to food that automatically results in greater health and a healthier weight. Diets are temporary. People are willing to stick to them for a while in order to lose weight; then they can stop and go back to their bad habits....more

Are you taking care of yourself?

When you’ve had a really stressful day, week, or even month, or things just aren’t going right in your life for whatever reason, it’s easy to lapse into a routine of sulking, bingeing on unhealthy foods or alcohol, watching trashy TV all day and all night, and generally feeling sorry for yourself....more

These are great suggestions - we are definitely on the same wavelength.  Just today I ...more

La Vegan Loca

I became a vegan about a year ago at the beginning of 2009. It began with reading about health, where our food supply comes from, and the meat and dairy industry. I just decided to stop eating animal products cold turkey. Literally. It was pretty easy too. I have spent the last year trying to avoid everything else that uses animal parts from beauty products, to clothing, to wine (so sad). It has been an incredible journey and probably one that I will be on for a while. When people find out that I am a vegan, they usually ask, "Why?" with a horrified look on their faces....more

Grand Opening February 8th!

Ten years of research….three years of planning……and months of details we never anticipated!  BUT WE DID IT! Please celebrate with us by visiting our website at All bloggers receive 20% off the retail purchase of any shampoo and conditioner pair through 3/31!  Sign up for our monthly newsletter while you’re there!  We look forward to hearing from you!...more

Weekly Round Up

It’s been a crazy week here at S.T.O.P.--Safe Tables Our Priority!  I have been getting ready to head out to Washington, D.C....more

The threat of deadly infections

We've been hearing more and more about people who go into the hospital for even minor elective surgery and end up losing their lives to infections they get there.Now a new study says an estimated 48,000 people die each year of blood poisoning or pneumonia they come down with in the hospital, at a cost of more than $8 billion....more

Five Steps to Perfect Health

Time is a limited commodity.  Doesn't matter how rich or how famous you are, everybody gets 24/7. That's why when we get sick, and time seems to come to a grinding halt, all we want is a magic bullet to 'get on with it.'  Of course, there are no magic bullets and soon we learn prevention is the only way to stop from getting taken out of the game in the first place....more

Health and the Law of Attraction

Can the law of attraction help you heal and restore your natural state of health and well being? The answer is definitely “Yes.” Well, that is as long you believe in the power of your own mind and you know the basic principles of how to attract good health.Law of Attraction...more

Heart Healthy Monday on Bookvisions

It is heart healthy Monday on Bookvisions. Stop by every Monday for a heart healthy link, tip and recipe. ...more

Size Does Matter

Since the dawn of time, women have been telling men that size doesn’t matter but, oh, how times have changed. Size does matter, at least when it comes to your benefits package. These days, as you stroll out into the single scene, you just might want to dangle your group health insurance card as a tantalizing offering to the opposite sex. For maximum appeal, make sure the side with the co-pay amount is clearly visible....more