Meichelle Satchmo," A Weight Loss Journey"

  Meichelle Satchmo, is a native Port Arthur, Texas resident born in the 1980's. Port Arthur is known for their Crawfish and Cajun food. At an early age Meichelle begin to enjoy her hometown meals of crawfish and cajun food so much so, until she began to become overweight at the age of 9 years old. Meichelle would grow up to move to Houston, graduate college, get married and have kids, still plagued with being an over weight woman in her 20's and 30's....more

Make Your Own Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie at Home

Smoothies, whether made from fruits or vegetables, are always recommended for anyone who wants to boost immunity or general health of their body. All that is required of you is the willingness to prepare your most preferred smoothie daily and start enjoying your life with the good health which a cup of nicely prepared smoothie gives you....more

4 Ways to Take Control of Your Anxiety This Holiday Season

If you’re starting to notice trouble with sleep, mood, and relaxation, you’re not alone. Studies show that anxiety significantly increases during the holiday season. Feelings of anxiety may be manifested as trouble falling asleep, difficulty with digestion, or simply being unable to quiet the mind. Instead of rushing to the doctor to refill your Xanax prescription, here are 4 natural methods to reduce anxiety this holiday season....more

5 Healthy Habits to adopt before winter

Are you dreading that winter season is here and the chill is going to come in your way of leading an outdoor lifestyle? Do not worry my fellow readers, I have researched some of the really useful and healthy habits you can adopt before winter to make it less painful and problematic. You need not miss out on going out for the snowing months, because with the right kind of habits you can conquer your problem.5 habits to adopt before this winter are:...more

Healthy Eating That Can Make You Look Younger Than Your Age

In the world, there are so many different diets and food systems. Many of them really help, but it is worth remembering that all diets are chosen completely individually. So, do not assume that if the diet has helped others, it will definitely help you....more

The Surprising Health And Beauty Benefits Of Coffee.

Ever since coffee was first consumed, its health benefits have been praised throughout its lifetime. First used to help monks stay awake during long sessions of prayer, coffee is now used for so much more, especially with how brewing methods have evolved throughout the years....more

Did I just quit my job to pursue a master's degree?

2016 has been a roller coaster ride of emotions, growth, steps back, reconnecting, loss, and now finally an overwhelming feeling of peace.I'm a 45-year-old mom of five amazing kiddos ranging in age from 19 to 3-year-old twins. Yep. I was blessed with twins for my 42nd birthday! My husband is my rock and keeps me somewhat sane on those insane days....more

Take Your Life & Business to the Next Level by Adding Adventure

How in the world can adventure be the quintessential ingredient to taking your life or business to the next level?Hear me out.If anyone is looking to enhance productivity in the workplace, happiness, relationships, or the whole enchilada, I prescribe adventure.Now, you may not immediately connect to adventure because you think adventure is for adrenaline junkies. Let me start by debunking that myth and give you a broader view of adventure being:...more