You're not dying on my couch...

To  give this situation some context this excerpt comes from my book One Ovary Down. One to Go. At this point in the book the pain on my right side has become unbearable and has caused me to vomit for several hours. I've already been to the doctor a couple of times before this. Not having any insurance I would go to the doc in the box for check up. Each time they would mistake the pain for my appendix or me passing a kidney stone....more

Should You Vaccinate Your Baby?

You want to protect your child. To keep him safe. And healthy. So what do you do about vaccines? You’re told to vaccinate to keep him safe. You’re told NOT to vaccinate to keep him safe. Which is it?If you don’t vaccinate and he gets measles you’ll feel guilty. You’ll blame yourself. People may judge you. Even if he doesn’t get measles they may say you made an irresponsible choice. They may suggest your actions are endangering their child....more

An Interesting Fact About The Palm Tree That Will Change Your Life

How do you get through tough times, breakups, struggles and disappointment? Sometimes the pain is so great that it’s difficult to understand how you’ll make it through another day. ...more

The Best Vitamins For Chronic Pain

The Best Vitamins For Chronic Pain...more

Why Strength Training Should be Part of Every Womens Workout Regime

Why Strength Training Should be Part of Every Womens Workout RegimeStrength training for girls a perfectly sculpted body with lean muscles and optimal curves is the most cherished dream of every woman. Some are blessed with a fabulous body while others need little efforts to regain their fabulous look. Unfortunately, there is a myth that...more

So I'm a Vegan. How Do I Explain This to a Teenager?

My teenaged niece has expressed interest in learning about the vegan lifestyle. As honored as I feel, I’m not sure I even knew that being a vegan is a lifestyle. Image via Shutterstock...more
J-MOM Thanks so much for saying that, J-Mom.  Most people don't even notice the chicken trucks. ...more

6 Ideas to Get You Through Blue Monday

Tomorrow is Blue Monday, the saddest day of the year. Most people suffer from a slight depressions in January because the days are colder and darker. ...more
greenapples8 Happy January!more

How to make Vapour Rub

Winter is on the way here and with it coughs and colds. Vapour rub is great for helping to unblock stuffed up noses and congestion....more

Happy Endings

How Parents Can Encourage Girls to Play Sports

Sports are a great activity for kids of all ages, however many sports seem to be completely dominated by the boys. Fitting into gender roles is becoming less and less common in many other areas. But when it comes to sports there seems to still be a large gender divide, with many more boys playing sports than girls....more