The Shocking Cost Gap: Why the Poor Can’t Afford the Surgeries They Need

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One of the reasons we became so passionate about food, started with our diagnoses of multiple food allergies. My husband and I had been silently suffering with a multitude of symptoms, but of course ignored them since we had suffered for so long. Abnormal becomes normal after awhile....more

5 Overlooked Reasons to Eat Plant-Strong

Research published in the New England Journal of Medicine predicts today’s kids to be the first generation to experience a shorter life expectancy if the rising obesity rates don’t begin to reverse.  Scary stuff to be sure.  Yet while growing diet-related disease rate is the most obvious result of a standard American diet, it isn’t the only issue at stake....more

Important facts about exercise

  If I ask you right now, what is the reason you work out (or you would) what would be your answer?            Better body?            Muscles and improved looks?            Health?            Of course, all of them good answers, true, and very important for our lives. But there is something more: the impact on our brain and psychology....more

3 Simple Stress-Busting Tips to Start Your Day

As a busy mom and a member of modern civilization, I sometimes get stressed.  And I’m not alone....more

The Best Sunscreen for All Occasions

As a redhead for my entire life, I have a very close relationship with sunscreen. As the typical fair skinned and freckled ‘ginger’, my skin goes from light to lobster in no time. I have even experienced the dreaded hairline-part burn — you know what I’m talking about ladies. I grew up with the basic white greasy SPF 30 sunscreen, and THANKFULLY there are so many choices now for those of us that are sun conscious....more

10 Savvy Shortcuts for Streamlining Your Cooking Projects

Whether you want to lose weight, stabilize your energy or improve your health, Your kitchen is the best place to start.  One primary factor in transforming your diet is relying less on restaurants and take out in favor of doing more cooking at home.  For many of us, that mere idea can be scary, but with strategies for success in place, you’ll enjoy the benefits of home cooking without the aggravation.  And believe it or not, when done right, meal preparation can be fun and creative as well as healthy and delicious....more

Braces: Behind the curtain the twins were six we started talking about whether or not they'd need braces. It was an interesting topic for me, because I've never had them. I was excited. By the time they were nine we knew the direction we were headed in, so I called a few Orthodontists in Texas to get an idea of the process and cost. Here's what I didn't expect to find out - it's a secret. It's like Fight Club. Seriously....more
I just had my first get *out* of braces! In case you're curious, what you found is very similar ...more