Is Anxiety Stopping You From Getting a New Job?

Anxiety is without a doubt the most common negative emotion that can ruin anyone's chances of performing well during a job interview. Science has proven that being anxious can profoundly affect the way you speak, listen and behave, especially in high-pressure situations. Unfortunately, many people struggle to control their emotions when searching for a job, which is completely understandable given the stakes at hand....more

Why We Shouldn’t Be Scared to Talk About Dying

Death is a natural part of life that each of us inevitably face, so why is it that even in today’s day and age, so many of us are scared to talk about it? Talking about dying is still commonly viewed as a taboo subject, and is often avoided at all costs. Even by people who are in situations where they desperately need to discuss the matter of dying, for example to put funeral plans in place....more



Cooking With Sweet Potatoes: Tips and Tricks

Cooking with Sweet Potato: Tips and Tricks Have you ever tried a new food, only to fall head over taste buds and become a self-professed addict?...more

Are Contacts Right For You? Discover Your Options & The Benefits Of Making The Switch

Are you someone who wears glasses but always wonder how it feels to live like those who’ve made the switch to contacts? Well, if so, you’re not alone. Everyday consumers are making the leap from wearing frames to invisible and attractive contact lenses. See if contacts are right for you by discovering what options you have and the benefits of making the switch over to contacts.Types of Contact Lenses & Materials...more

Why A Serious Dog Bite Is Grounds For A Personal Injury Claim

Getting attacked or bitten by a dog that you don’t own is a serious matter. You could be going out for a run or playing in the park when all of a sudden you’re attacked and bitten out of nowhere. It’s good to be informed about what action you should take if you find yourself in this situation....more

Relieve Pain, Reduce Stress & Improve Sleep With Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to treat a variety of different health problems. Some people swear by its benefits; others think sticking needles in the body cannot possibly cure anything. It is quite commonly prescribed as a treatment for minor problems, but it can also be helpful for cancer patients suffering from post-chemo nausea. So, can acupuncture help cure your pain, stress and sleep problems?...more

Why Everyone Needs A Non-Resolution List In Their Life

You’re probably thinking, that’s great, but what’s a non-resolution? A non-resolution list is coming up with things we like about ourselves, instead of listing things we want to change about ourselves. It’s easy to start naming off everything you don’t like about yourself or what you could be doing better, but doing that puts you at risk for focusing on what’s wrong with you versus what’s right with you....more

Why Patients Should Work With Practices Which Have Implemented EHR In Their Clinics

Electronic Health Records (EHR) software is not only beneficial to the medical community, but also patients. On a basic level, an EHR provides a digitized version of the “paper chart” you often see doctors and nurses using. It’s also a technology-based and convenient way to report and share health information between doctors and patients....more

My Interview with Excedrin's Health Expert on the Augmented Reality Experience

 A few weeks ago Excedrin unveiled “The Migraine Experience” that not only created a buzz all over the media outlets, but got the vast majority in the migraine community to take to their Twitter, Facebook or blogs and truthfully convey how this type of augmented reality could overall affect the way people view those of us living this neurological disease....more