Ask President-elect Obama to make breastfeeding a priority

This morning President-elect Barack Obama reaffirmed his strong commitment to health care reform. The United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) believes that breastfeeding is an "essential public health issue" and should be a high priority for the incoming administration. In light of this, the USBC has created a petition urging President-elect Obama to make breastfeeding a high priority. ...more

There are MANY more things that need to be brought up such as Childhood Cancer Research which ...more

Are You one of the 12 million?

Are you one of the 12 Million?  ...more

Making Sense of the Health Care Mess

This week, presumptive Republican nominee John Mc Cain was touting his proposal to fix the US healthcare system using tax credits that would allow people to buy their own private insurance instead of relying on empoyer-funded benefits. And once again, according to Trudy Lieberman of the Columbia Journalism Review, journalists' reporting of the story is confusing and unhelpful: ...more

Cranberries -- Healthy Defense

The advice to drink pure cranberry juice for urinary infections has been around for a long, long time. Of course, the pure stuff (very tart) is best. The February 2008 issue of ALTERNATIVE HEALTH arrived this week. A small article in this publication touted this same berry for not only E. coli, and Streptococcus mutans, but also as a defense against H. pylori bacteria. Translated that all means that this little red berry may be very useful on the defense against urinary tract infections, tooth decay, ulers, stomach cancer, stroke and heart disease. That's pretty impressive! ...more

Nutrition Benefits of Nuts

Enjoy our latest nutrition article, "Health Benefits of Nuts" reviewing the numerous nutritional and health benefits of nuts. Nuts are excellent sources of protein, minerals, healthy mono-unsaturated fats and other nutrients as well they're good for promoting a healthy cardiovascular system. ...more