Hurry Up And Wait: With Final Senate Vote on Health Care Complete, The Real Fun Begins

Vice President Joe Biden led the Senate this morning while his colleagues voted from their seats in favor of Senate Bill 3590 (aka "Senate Health Care Bill" aka "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act"). The vote was 60-39 along party lines, as expected....more

Stymied by Stupak? Reject its False Choice & Culture War Divisiveness

So long as Democrats and health care reform proponents allow themselves to be pushed into exhorting about the false choice between health care reform and access to this legal medical procedure aka abortion, real reform is in peril. ...more

An Appeal for a Real and Comprehensive Approach to Health Care Reform

While the US may be moving one step closer to health care reform with the passage of the Baucus Bill by the Senate Finance Committee, it is clear that a very important element in the health care discussion is being overlooked. What is making Americans so sick? ...more

Wal-Mart, Our Surprise Salvation, Part II

(The continuation of Dr. Patricia Allen's proposal that Wal-Mart administer the public option in health care reform. The first part is here.) Never one to shrink from audacity, Dr Pat, our Medical Mentor and Wise Woman called for recognition that Wal-Mart can be the solution to our health care crisis yesterday. Here is Part II of her compelling argument that Wal-Mart could actually make America healthier. ...more

Wal-Mart Could Be The Surprise Salvation of Health Reform; Part 1

by Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen In America, we have 43 million Americans without health insurance.Ultimately, the political infighting about our health care crisis isn’t the point. The possibility of solving it is. I am as surprised as you might be to be believing that the best hope lies with Wal-Mart.First, a few facts: ...more

Maria’s Story: Why we need healthcare reform

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Women at Forty is asking readers to submit their true stories of challenge and triumph.  In today’s feature, guest blogger Rachel Dachel tells the touching story of a wife, mother and friend who fought cancer and her insurance company, and won. ...more

New Survey Says Moms Shut OUt of Health Care Reform Debate

Moms make the majority of health care decisions for American consumers, but many feel health care policy makers are ignoring them, according to a new nationwide survey completed this week. ...more

Will You Be Getting The Swine Flu Vaccine?

The swine flu vaccine will be available very soon, but there is still skepticism surrounding its safety. Generally, I have a strong opinion about these types of things, but my feelings about this vaccine are still uncertain. ...more
You can get flu shots at this Rocky Point urgent care center

On the Road to Election Day, Part VIII: Dissent is easy compared to getting things done-long live Olympia Snowe

On the day after President Obama was inaugurated, Contributing Editor Dana Loesch posted this blog entry titled, "So is dissent still the highest form of patriotism?"  The post invites discussion on that question, and concludes with this: ...more

September is Menopause Awareness Month

by Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen ...more