Where's the Humanity

Last week was not a very good week for me.  I had another panic attack on Monday.  I’d been stressing out about money, or our lack thereof lately.   Thinking about this more than I should is a hallmark of someone with chronic and debilitating anxiety.I think about the money we don’t have because I’m not making very much yet from freelancing.  So then I think, “Self, maybe it’s time to get a part-time job.”   I have nothing against work or working part-time.  The problem is that I’m terrified to do so....more
I couldn't agree with you more. What is lacking in our national conversation is any grace of ...more

Reading the Comics: Health Care Reform


Happy Repeal Day?

Today is the anticipated -- if largely symbolic -- repeal vote on Obamacare in the House. While this effort was practically a mandate from the mid-term election, it sadly stands little chance of passing through the Senate....more

Good start to GOP House?

In news that makes makes my cold, hard conservative heart happy, the House is scheduled to vote on a repeal of Obamacare on Friday....more

Health Care Roundup: 10 Reforms Take Effect; the GOP on Health Care

A big Friday in health care news: We have pledges, reforms and analysis, oh my! ...more

Health Care Reform Lends Support to Breastfeeding Moms, But Is It Enough?

If we've heard "breast is best" once, we've heard it a thousand times. Health experts agree the benefits of breastfeeding for both the baby and the mother are numerous. ...more

I am glad we are finally moving in the right direction with our rights in the workplace, as I ...more

I Am One of Those Uninsured Americans Everyone Is Talking About

It might make you grit your teeth and make smoke pour from your ears, but I am thrilled that health care reform passed. Let me tell you why. I’m one of those uninsured Americans everyone’s always talking about. ...more
I'm really glad for this reform. I'm 20 but I have pre-existing conditions so previously, I ...more

Chairman George Miller and Rep. Rob Andrews Speak on the House Floor in Favor of Health Care Reform and Student Loan Reform

(This post was written by a staffer for the Education and Labor Committee)Last night the House voted 220-207 to pass the budget reconciliation bill. The bill made significant and necessary improvements to the health care law passed two days previously. It also reformed federal student loans to make college more affordable for all Americans....more

The Health Care Bill: A Doctor's Point of View

Like all bills, this one has a bazillion little loopholes, asides, and sneaky little buggars. Plus, it’s hard to boil down something so big to bullet points. I’m sure I’ve left things out and maybe even gotten things wrong, but here’s my understanding of the new health care bill. ...more
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Obama Signs Health Care Bill

President Obama signed the health care bill into law this morning at 11:15 ET.   ...more