Let's hear it for the nuns!

My grandfather was one of nine that survived to adulthood, six girls and three boys. Of his six sisters, four became Dominican nuns. ...more

I hadn’t expected to feel euphoric when the health care bill was passed.

I hadn’t expected to feel euphoric when the health care bill was passed....more

Chairman Miller's Floor Remarks on Health Care and Student Loan Reform

(This is a slightly different kind of diary post.  Below are Rep. George Miller’s (D-CA) remarks, as prepared for delivery, during floor debate on the health insurance and student loan reform legislation. Miller is the House author of both pieces of reform.  Since he is still on the House Floor tonight, he will not respond to comments.)Madame Speaker, I rise in support of this truly historic legislation that addresses two of America’s greatest troubles – the crushing costs and high obstacles of obtaining both quality health care and a college education....more

What it's come to: Mocking the Disabled

On what basis can you justify mocking the ill or disabled? Someone please tell me because I really want to know. Earlier this week, The Columbus Dispatch captured anti-reform protesters -- bullies, really -- on film mocking a health care reform advocate with Parkinson’s disease.  The man sat on the ground alone, peacefully holding a sign, and was surrounded by men leaning in toward him and throwing money at him. “Communist!” they called him. “You have to work for everything you get!”  If he was intimidated, he didn’t let it show....more

Thank You, Dennis Kucinich

Today, Democratic Representative Dennis Kucinich of Ohio announced that he will vote yes on the health care reform bill, and I want to thank him. Although the bill is far from perfect, and I am disappointed it does not include a public option, it does contain provisions that will help many Americans. Here are the top ten immediate benefits according to the House Democrats:...more

And I mean that literally and colloquially. :)


Elisa Camahort Page ...more

Include Student Loan Reform in Reconciliation

(These are the prepared remarks of Education and Committee Chairman George Miller from today's press conference on the urgent need to include student loan reform as part of the reconciliation.)Senate Democrats have a very simple choice to make in the next few weeks.This choice speaks to the true character of our country and of our Congress.It speaks to what America’s priorities will be for the next generation.It speaks to fiscal responsibility and fairness....more

Be honest about why you want the loan. Your bank may be able to offer you a loan option that ...more

I finally got a chance to hear President Obama in person: his health care speech at Arcadia University

  I finally got a chance to hear President Obama in person: his health care speech at Arcadia University ...more

But WAIT... Didn't they just have 8 Years?

Cover of new Newsweek in a waiting room. Just one question: didn’t the GOP just have 8 years?...more

Size Does Matter

Since the dawn of time, women have been telling men that size doesn’t matter but, oh, how times have changed. Size does matter, at least when it comes to your benefits package. These days, as you stroll out into the single scene, you just might want to dangle your group health insurance card as a tantalizing offering to the opposite sex. For maximum appeal, make sure the side with the co-pay amount is clearly visible....more

Go Left, President Obama, Go Left!

A lot has been written about the election in Massachusetts and what it means for the the Democratic Party and President Obama's agenda. Of course, the Republicans have been all over the airwaves insisting that this means that the country is not in favor of President Obama's "far left" agenda. My fear is that the Democrats are listening. I contend that the Massachusetts election results mean that the Obama Administration hasn't gone left enough, and here is why. ...more