There is a generation of young feminists out there ready to fight for reproductive rights.

National Day of Action Wednesday, December 2, 2009 Washington, D.C. There is a generation of young feminists out there ready to fight for reproductive rights. Many older feminists (myself included) have bemoaned the fact that we are having trouble recruiting younger feminists to take over our organizations. Maybe younger feminists want to form their own organizations rather than build those that emerged from second wave feminism. Maybe they’ll do both....more

Stymied by Stupak? Reject its False Choice & Culture War Divisiveness

So long as Democrats and health care reform proponents allow themselves to be pushed into exhorting about the false choice between health care reform and access to this legal medical procedure aka abortion, real reform is in peril. ...more

Anna Deavere Smith "Lets Us Down Easy" in the Health Care Debate

"When I hear the official language [of the health care debate] it makes me suppose that this is a time when we need a lot more art that's not going to have answers that are in black and white. " Anna Deavere Smith to Bill Moyers, November 13, 2009 ...more

Well America may well as I have said previously begining to have to discuss the other as ...more

Interrupting Myself to Address the Democrats on Reproductive Rights

 I'm breaking my own flow to post here a letter I sent to my local representative—one of the Democrats who voted against the Stupak/Pitts Amendment on Health Care Reform Bill. My rep probably won't read it; maybe one of you will find some meaning here   ...more

A Tale of Two Cities

(This article was originally distributed by American Forum, a nonprofit op-ed syndication service.)By Rev. Dr. Holly Beaumont...more

Health Care reform must not come at the expense of chipping away at abortion rights

I had come to terms with the fact that health care reform would not be all I wanted. I assumed that like previous major social reforms it would represent a step forward and the inadequacies would be remedied over time.But unlike Social Security and Medicare, this legislation takes a step backward by mandating that plans included in the insurance exchange, including the public option, will not cover abortion. Some women who currently have abortion coverage would lose the right to it. ...more

6 Shockers About Women's Health Care

What is at stake for women in health care reform? Plenty. Should being born female be considered a pre-existing condition that translates into higher health insurance premiums... or a C-section be classified as a pre-existing condition... or basic maternity care require a special rider on a woman’s insurance policy? Does it seem even remotely fair that a victim of domestic violence be denied health insurance coverage? The insurance industry certainly thinks so....more

Youth Violence is a Public Health Issue. Why Don't We Treat It that Way?

It has been several weeks since the nation recoiled in horror at the videotaped brutal beating death of 16-year-old Derrion Albert, the Chicago honor student who was caught in a melee between two factions of warring youth. Last week, President Obama dispatched Attorney General Eric Holder to the city to declare that he understood the urgency of the problem:...more
As an EMT, I can tell you that youth violence is without a doubt a public health issue.  I would ...more

Getting Mad as Hell on Health Care and Not Taking it Anymore

Women on Capitol Hill seem to be mad as hell when it comes to health care and they're not taking it anymore. This week, women Senators and members of Congress started speaking out collectively about the lack of interest and, perhaps, the lack of respect that women's medical issues are getting in the health care reform debate. ...more

That's a great reminder of how far we have come and how far we have to go.  I wuold love ...more

Wal-Mart, Our Surprise Salvation, Part II

(The continuation of Dr. Patricia Allen's proposal that Wal-Mart administer the public option in health care reform. The first part is here.) Never one to shrink from audacity, Dr Pat, our Medical Mentor and Wise Woman called for recognition that Wal-Mart can be the solution to our health care crisis yesterday. Here is Part II of her compelling argument that Wal-Mart could actually make America healthier. ...more