Thank you Jimmy Carter!

Thank you Jimmy Carter! Finally one of our political leaders has spoken out against the racism underlying right-wing extremists’ opposition to health care reform. ...more

How Much Reform Will There Be in President Obama's Health Plan?

Polls taken immediately after President Obama's health care speech to Congress indicate that many were pleased and excited about what he had to say about health reform. Congresswoman Maxine Waters thinks he hit it out of the park and rallied the Democrats. Surprisingly the online commentary isn't really showin ...more

Conservatives Respond to the President's Congressional Address on Healthcare

Conservatives listened intently to the president's congressional address yesterday evening, including me; I watched it with a friend and live-blogged the event while a local news crew affixed a mic to my shirt and videotaped me in the event that my head exploded. I began compiling a round of of what some of my favorite female conservative bloggers had to say in response to the presidential address; most all shared similar concerns.  ...more

...and Al Gore won a Nobel Prize too. AHAHAHAHAHA. Everyone considers the St. Petersburg ...more

Why I Support Health Care Reform

I don't normally use social networking as a voice for my political views, but I believe that health care reform should go beyond politics. ...more

Mommy Week in Review: Crawling, what makes a man, and inspiring mombloggers

The baby started crawling for real this past week. He practiced constantly for ten days before that. I’d hear thumping in the crib in the middle of the night: he was rocking in his crib, practicing how to gain momentum to crawl forward. He mastered crawling two days ago. I think these photos capture his learning: ...more

My son is starting to show interest in the whole crawling thing and I am not happy.  My ...more

Read the bill: no implantable microchips

As President Barack Obama prepares to address Congress tonight on the subject of health care, a new rumor is percolating through the blogosphere--that the health care reform bill would require everybody to get a microchip embedded in their body so the government can track them. ...more

Several years ago, there was a massive ...more

On Healthcare, Older Women in Tightest Bind

by Chris Lombardi It's been a summer of shouting about health care, and health insurance. Now, with President Obama about to address the issue to a joint session of Congress, some new studies — one by a nonprofit think tank, one from the federal Department of Health and Human Services — suggest that for older women, the outcome of all this debate matters more than most. ...more

There are a lot of seniors out there who support health care reform!

I’ve been reading about all these seniors opposed to heath care reform but it sure doesn't comport with my experience. All the seniors I know are supporters of universal health care with a robust public option. Many would rather have single payer, but see that as a battle for another day. They are disgusted with the Republicans’ cynical ploys and scare tactics aimed at seniors. The seniors I know are concerned about our children’s and grand-children’s access to health care, not just our own. ...more

I fell into the belief that Seniors were totally against it because of the misinformation ...more

Health care and Fire Fighting

I have to respond to the assumption that I expect health care to be free. By no means do I think that I should be able to walk in and get whatever health care I or my family want.What I am saying is that there needs to be a way to make healthcare affordable.One of the biggest barriers to this is the health insurance industry. Anyone who thinks that the way that we are providing health care today is the most efficient is sorely uneducated. ...more

One way to improve health care: Pay doctors to converse with patients

Did you know that according to a 1998 study, it's not unusual for a physician to wait only 18 seconds before interrupting a patient who is trying to describe a medical problem? Doctors who have studied the problem acknowledge that the failure to take the time to get a full medical history and list of symptoms can result in improper diagnoses and inappropriate tests and treatments. It would seem logical that it would also lead to waste and higher health care costs. ...more

The pay structure doesn't reward the things that actually lead to improved patient outcomes - ...more