Health Reform -- You Say ToMAYto, I Say ToMAHto

Things always get a little heated in the nation's capital this time of year. July and August along the Potomac tend to be humid and steamy and that makes it hard for anyone to compromise and negotiate in a bipartisan way. Not to mention that it's awfully difficult to find happy people when they're all having bad hair days! ...more

she (he?) believes in those advances for those who can afford it.  more

Health Care Facts and Figures from a Recent Study by The Kaiser Family Foundation

Don't let fear and uncertainty guide your opinions about the need for health care reform, let facts and figures do that instead! The U.S. spends about $7,400 per person on health care each year, $2.2 trillion in 207, comprising 16% of the U.S. economy (up from 7.2% in 1970). Health care is consuming an increasing amount of the U.S. economy each year, and has exceeded economic growth in every recent decade. ...more

Small Business Owners & COSE Talk Health Care Reform with President

President Barack Obama is getting input from entrepreneurs, the self-employed and small business owners as he works on changes for the nation's health care system. One small business organization is taking part in discussions on health care reform. The Council of Smaller Enterprises, or COSE, for short is participating in a town hall meeting with Obama scheduled for Cleveland, Ohio. ...more

How will we pay for health care reform?

Pres. Obama has been on an aggressive campaign to prod Congress into passing a health-care reform bill this year, even as politicians on both sides of the aisle publicly fret about the costs of proposals that have been advanced to date. However, at a roundtable discussion  Monday at the Children's National Medical Center, Obama focused on the cost of inaction: ...more

Absolutely. I don't necessarily believe we'll save money with a single payer plan, but I do ...more

Our pay-to-play politics sound like Marie Antoinette

Sometimes what comes out of the mouths of our pay-to-play politics is STUNNING! ...more

Long-Term Care, the Elephant in the Room

by Teresa Heinz Kerry and Jeffrey Lewis ...more

We're a family taking care of an elderly parent and that's exactly how we feel in the morning ...more

Why are old people the only ones guaranteed health care?

Seriously? Why is it that in order to be guaranteed health care in this country you have to be in the last third of your life? The most expensive part of your life in terms of medical and healthcare? ...more

It's Not Dependence Day

Read what I wrote on my blog regarding freedom and free health care.     ...more

"Help Me Have a Baby:" Resolve Teaches Congress Infertility is a Disease

Last week I wrote that Advocacy Day was happening for Resolve. This week, I bring you notes from the Building, not only to tell you about the work Resolve is doing to ensure that all Americans have adequate infertility coverage during this national discussion on health care reform, but also to entice you to join along next year when Advocacy Day rolls around again. ...more

We wanted them to understand that infertility is a disease and needs to
be ...more

On Health Care Reform, Who's Watching the Watchdogs?

It seems the top domestic news story in the United States this week is the concern among Congressional leaders that draft legislation aimed at overhauling the health care system is doomed because of its projected $1 trillion price tag (.pdf) But the Obama administration hasn't even offered its plan, so the hard bargaining hasen't begun yet. When it does, one of the big challenges for consumers seeking reliable information will be a dearth of independent, knowledgeable reporters. ...more