Health Care Mobile Apps that actually work !

The advent of technology has simplified how people carry out activities. With technology, people living in far off states are able to communicate, the global market has revolutionized, money transfers from one foreign country to another are possible just to mention a few. The medical field has also improved a great deal. Health Care Mobile Apps for instance, have made it pie easy for patients to access care and keep track of their health records. ...more
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Five important things you should take care of before booking that next trip

© 2010 autisticglobetrotting .All rights reserved. While planning for your vacation, you should consider these five things first:   #1 Make sure all your family members (including yourself) are healt...more

Canada's Health Hype?

I came home from my vacation with health on my mind, healthy eating in particular. As someone who works from home, most often in her jammies, I suddenly found myself being active and eating to sustain my level of activity (not to mention developing a minor case of shin splints - ouch!). After two weeks of eating in restaurants, some which were amazing while others toed the line to vile, I was ready to be in control of my food again. I was ready to cook. Heck I was even ready to do dishes (don't worry, it passed quickly). I was also ready, after two weeks of being generally internet deprived to settle in for a good long read. And, of course because that's how internet karma works, I stumbled upon something that made me look at something that Canadians associate with healthy eating. Is what we're eating really as healthy as we think it is? ...more