Day Four: Hello Energy!

 It’s 8:30 p.m. and my energy is just now really waning.In fact, when my husband and I were talking about going out shopping at about 7, I was DISAPPOINTED when it didn’t happen.This is huge.I don’t go out at night. I just don’t. I’ve blamed it on different things, but truth is that my store of energy only lasts to dusk most days.Not tonight.God, this is HUGE.I have a date to meet my friend Albert at the gym tomorrow. We’re going to lift weights. I’m going to swim a few laps, too. And then I’m going to soak in the hot tub....more

Day Three: Regaining Energy

I spent all day out today. I went shopping after I took Ruby to school, and then a movie (Philomena … so good) and lunch with my friend Brian, then picking kids up.I made sure to eat enough. It would have been easy to skip breakfast this morning, since I left early and knew I was going out to lunch. But I didn’t. I ate a killer blue cheese burger without guilt....more

Day One: Breakfast Lessons

Technically day four. I started Eating the Food four days ago, but I decided to start counting with day one for blogging/documentation purposes. I do have an observation, though.For three days in a row I had a substantial breakfast with plenty of protein. Today, I got caught up talking to my daughter and the only thing I ate before noon was two chocolate chip cookies my son brought me....more

The First 100 Days

I read Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon three years ago, and it changed my life. I’d been on a diet for more than thirty years. I can remember the first time I looked at myself in the mirror and felt fat. I was eight. I decided to stop eating desserts. I can also remember the first time I hid in the laundry room and shoved Oreo after Oreo in my mouth. It was the same day. ...more

It’s Okay, You’re Just Fat: Finding Medical Care for the Obese

It’s not something that many people talk about when they are ill and need to see the doctor. Like many things surrounding obesity, most people who are obese prefer to swallow their pride and their hurt and try to access treatment for their illnesses, anyway, despite the roadblocks that are thrown up. But I am tired of being someone who smiles tightly whenever my weight is brought up at any doctor’s appointment, no matter if I’m there for my blood pressure or if I’m there for a sore throat....more

An Open Letter to Those Who Judge the Morality of Health

Arwyn from Raising My Boychick has a post up now about whether or not people have a moral obligation to strive for health. It got me thinking. I am the child and sister of addicts and the only really fat person in my large family.  I've found myself sometimes in the strange situation of being talked to about my health for my own good by people who are thinner, but obviously less physically healthy than I am....more

There are not so many fat persons that fill good in their bodies. Even more I no few people that ...more

A Conversation About Ditching the Diet Mentality

Sometimes it feels as though I have been on some sort of diet or engaged in an attempt at a lifestyle change everyday of my life....more

Thoughts About Food Trauma and Intuitive Eating

Let me tell you a story about a cheese sandwich.When I was ten, my family took a long summer trip in a big orange van first to Texas to visit my dad's mom and then through Mexico and back to California....more

I'm Collecting Fat Myths--Will You Help?

I've been writing a series on my blog about fat myths, based on Dr. Pattie Thomas' list of ten myths in her book Taking Up Space.As part of that series, I'd like to make a list of other fat myths so I can continue to write about them. Is there a myth about fat that you'd like to see me write about? Please let me know in a comment!I've gotten some great responses on my Facebook page, including:Fat people have a thin person inside them, waiting to come outFat people all have eating disordersFat people don't know how much they eat or exercise...more

Peace Treaty in the War on Obesity?

The L.A. Times has an article today about a woman who went from went from immobile to being able to do a modified Zumba class in the last year. It's a human interest piece that I'm positive is meant to encourage people to, you know, get out and do something about their fat. It even ends with this gem:...more

is always on the superficial.

This is a complex matter, part of a range of issues that all ...more