Andropause: Men May Go Through Menopause, Too

A couple of years ago my husband and I had begun to notice many changes taking place in our intimate relationship, changes that were building a wall between us. We’d been together too long, and love each other too much, to just give up on us. So we decided that he, too, should see a doctor. The results were: He was a-okay physically and mentally but was simply going through normal changes in a man’s life. ...more
Thanks for sharing this. Let me just add that Andropause symptoms may be different for every man ...more

Of Diets and Dandruff


Police Called on a Group of Moms for Lack of Socks at McDonald's

So I took 5 kids plus Jordan to McDonald’s PlayPlace so I could try to load Microsoft Office 2010 onto my sweet new laptop. Since I didn’t have Internet access at home, I had to go to the good ole Mickey D’s. Jordan and I dropped some serious cash on food to keep the kids happy and off they went to play. Soon a snotty little girl started telling Michael that he had to leave because he had no socks on. She was quoting her mom and pointing to the sign that said you had to wear socks to play in the PlayPlace. I didn’t think much about it since half the kids in there had no socks on....more
You're "that mom" eh.more

So here I go again

So here we go again. I'm going to get cut tomorrow morning.  The surgery though, it's no big deal.  The doc is opening me up and pulling out the bone growth stimulator that has been in my back since February 23 2011.  I think the battery is dead now, I used to feel strange buzzings and now I feel nothing.  It doesn't matter, it's done it's job and I'm healthy and pain free now and is just an implanted device that is no longer needed....more
So glad the surgery went well. Check in soon so we know how you are! Thinking of you and sending ...more