Health Treatments or Quackery?

In-between the space of logic, fear and belief is magical thinking. I will do just about anything to avoid a mammogram. I read the news story about Dr. Joseph Mercola's claims that thermography can be a replacement for mammograms -- that got my attention. ...more

Medical quackery is definitely interesting to read up on - thanks for the links, by the way, ...more

3 Questions You Should Ask If You Have A Doctor and Even If You Don’t

One of the first things I did moving to California was to make a pilgrimage to Santa Monica Beach. I wanted to see the place where the fictional Dr. Marcus Welby would talk to his patients about not giving up, fighting for the next chance or saying yes to that one in a thousand treatment that could save their lives. Dr. Welby would not rest until he found the reason for the condition, no matter that his solution was far out of his general practitioner area of expertise. He was all knowing, all caring and had the good sense to select Dr. Steven Kiley as a bit of eye candy. ...more