You Want Me to Eat Low Carb? What is the Big Deal Anyway?

The low carb way of eating is getting a lot of publicity for very good reasons. We have been duped into eating low fat for some time which has turned our country (and now the world) into an overweight and obese nation with the highest rates of diabetes and heart disease ever in our history. It has obviously been an experiment that has not only gone very wrong but has affected the health of everyone who has embraced it. How do we turn this around? Eating a diet that is low in carbohydrates with its many health benefits is a great way to start to turn the tide. ...more

Good Nutrition vs Good Taste

There are many foods that taste great, but aren't nutritious at all. Then there are nutritious foods that just taste awful. How do I keep the balance between the two? ...more

My NEVER Ending Fitness Journey #1

Okay. This is BlogHer... a community of progressive, positive women from all walks of life, so I can share freely without fear. So here it is. I'm overweight. I'm overweight and have been so for some time now. It crept up slowly. I would increase a size and then 2 sizes and here I am. I refuse to go shopping for new clothes, it's depressing. When I prepare for a formal, I can't even tell you how I struggle with various Spanx or similar products until I get a look I'm comfortable with. I strategically place my purse to make me look slimmer in photos....more
FormerAthlete  Thank you so much for sharing your journey and your insight! And I will ...more

Food raw or cooked? the benefits of both

We all know that vegetables are great for us and do us a world of wonders, but when it comes to HOW we eat them, we don't really think about it much at all. The way we cook our food, how long  and at what temperature we cook it changes the way it reacts and digests in our bodies. Below are just some examples of vegetables and how to eat them for maximum health benefits.Carrot: Cooked....more