How Does Health Reform Affect You NOW? (Part 3 of 3)

Obtaining health insurance in the current market is particularly difficult for young adults since many health insurers drop dependents from their parents' plans once they turn 19, or graduate from high school or college. Add to this the fact that many twenty-somethings are beginning their careers in low-paying, entry-level jobs which do not provide health care benefits, and it’s easy to see why nearly one in three young adults is uninsured. However, with the passage of the health reform bill, this statistic is set to change. ...more

Better, but not perfect. I am glad that those out of college can extend their coverage on their ...more

How Does Health Reform Affect You NOW? (Part 2 of 3)

Let me be clear: Had I been a member of Congress, I would have pressed the “yes” lever for the health reform bill when it came down to the vote for final passage. It was incredibly important that we start somewhere to make health care accessible and affordable to all Americans. And we can celebrate, as Ms. magazine recounts in “What the Health Care Bill Means for Women,” that contraceptives will be covered, gender rating that discriminates against women has been eliminated and preventive services such as pap smears will be covered without co-pay under the new plan. But sometimes when you win, you lose. ...more

...most (too many, at least) "pro-lifers" want people (i.e. WOMEN) to "take responsibility" for ...more

How Does Health Reform Affect You Now? (Part 1 of 3)

We all believe in the virtues of hard work and self-reliance, but these days it’s a fantasy to think that anyone but the mega-wealthy will not, sooner or later, depend on help from others to pay medical bills. And that’s true no matter how hard you work, how much you love America, or how diligently you take care of yourself. The cost of medical care has so skyrocketed that breaking an arm or leg could cost as much as a new car. ...more

This is so incredibly true: "And the truth is, we all pay for other peoples’ health care whether ...more

Chemical Industry Decides Public Health Really IS Better Than Private Profits

In a turn of events not even Nostradamus could foresee, Cal Dooley, President and CEO of the American Chemistry Council (ACC), today announced that the millions of dollars the industry trade group has been using to lobby against policies that protect public health will now be used instead to research and develop safer chemicals.  ...more

Chairman George Miller and Rep. Rob Andrews Speak on the House Floor in Favor of Health Care Reform and Student Loan Reform

(This post was written by a staffer for the Education and Labor Committee)Last night the House voted 220-207 to pass the budget reconciliation bill. The bill made significant and necessary improvements to the health care law passed two days previously. It also reformed federal student loans to make college more affordable for all Americans....more

The Democrats’ Dilemma: Their Own Trojan Horse Kicks Free

House Democrats broke into a paroxysm of self-congratulation for passing a health reform bill. By embracing the Stupak-Pitts amendment, however, they entered the women’s hall of shame. They had promised no more limitations based on preexisting conditions. But House leadership allowed a codicil: Except if you are a woman.   ...more

Domestic Violence Victims Considered to Have Pre-Existing Condition!

We are talking about insurance companies here. Did you know that in 9 states of our country, if you have a domestic violence incident on your record, insurance companies can deny you coverage?...more

Start a Campaign--Pass Healthcare Now in Teddy's Honor

In Memoriam: "The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die." Pass real healthcare reform now in Ted Kennedy's honor! (Please pass this on and let's start a campaign.) I've tweeted and facebooked this and people are picking it up.  it has some legs. Go for it. ...more

Our Real Health Reform Choices

Congress is trying to figure out how we’re gonna dig ourselves out of the big health care mess. While I have some ideas of how things could be from the PBS series in the last post, the reality is that a lot of those solutions will not fly in these United States. Doesn’t matter how much Michael Moore or the liberal Dems want it, we are not going to have a single payer system. What we’re looking at here is health care reform, not health care revolution. ...more