At the Midpoint: Losses on the Road to Forty

It's nearly the midpoint of my final year before turning forty.  Now, this great project has been interrupted by a strange loss.  To put it tritely, I've said good bye to a part of my person that has, in some ways, defined me, as a woman, a progenitor of life.  The first home to my children.  About four days ago, I had a hysterectomy. ...more

It Only Hurts A Little

She didn't mean for me to hear it, but I did, and I lifted my head slightly to see her face.  It was mostly sealed, unreadable, her eyes fixed upon some instrument.  Except for her mouth, which was downturned, serious.  There was nothing to follow it, to confirm for me what I thought I'd heard in her voice.  She was busy, focused, the way I am when I'm at work and the whole world outside falls away like dull, dry things in a late autumn wind.  Three little words; maybe they told me everything, maybe nothing, because I am more than a little frightened in that moment,...more

Maintain your weight and your budget? Here's how...

One secret that helps me maintain my weight is that I never buy bigger clothes.  When I start to feel like my pants are too tight, instead of buying a bigger size, I cut back on the snacks for a few days until they fit right again. I never have to adjust my weight by more than a pound or two at a time, which is easy.   I only buy new clothes when my current clothes fit. This very simple strategy can help you be aware of your weight, save you some money, and keep things from getting out of hand.    ...more


Breakfast: Cereal w/ lowfat milk and mocha capp ( give me a break I don't smoke, drink or use drugs, this is my vice) Lunch: Bagel w/ lowfat cream cheese Dinner: Cheese sticks, Jalapeno Poppers and milk Treadmill-25 min Freeweights-20 min yoga ball-15min   ...more

Women health and fitness

Women health and fitness is important because every woman should aspire to be healthy, fit and attractive. This in turn will lead to a healthy and fit society. Women's health and fitness includes information related to health conditions, prevention and treatment of diseases, holistic fitness of the mind, body & soul and nutrition for women. We need to appreciate the fact that women are different to men in terms of their physiological and psychological constitution. ...more

Balad Burn Pit Endangers Soldiers In Iraq

Senior Airman Frances Gavalis tosses unserviceable uniform items into a burn pit at Balad Air Base, Iraq. (U.S. Air Force photo) ...more

Pelvic Paradise?

Last month, while reading the New York Times I ran across an article entitled "A Spa for Those Women Concerned About 'Pelvic Fitness' which appeared on July 3, 2008. Intrigued as to why one would put the word 'spa' and the word 'pelvic' in the same sentence, I read on. It turns out that an enterprising young doctor, Dr. Romanzi, has decided to open a spa in Manhattan called Phit, which is a medispa "wholly dedicated to strengthening and grooming a woman's genital area." Yikes! ...more