Lyme Disease: What you NEED to know

Lyme disease is a bacteria infection, Borrelia burgdorferi, which commonly spread through bites from tiny ticks, most commonly the deer tick in North America and Europe, as the deer ticks.  Living in areas with lots of tall grasses and woods puts you at high risk, even if those areas are by the ocean; many times people feel like ticks cannot live near the ocean…but they can, so you need to be careful even in tall marsh grasses....more

Stay Hot Like Raquel Welch by Starting Healthy Habits While Young

There is one undeniable silver lining to being in your twenties -- you're young and beautiful, naturally.  So enjoy it every minute of it. While looks do fade over time, there's hope! If you start taking care of yourself now, you can remain stunning well into your elderly years. I'm not exaggerating: I come prepared with proof that you can stay hot into your later years. ...more
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The "S" Diet

Kitchen Diva’s “S” DietThis time of year when most of us faintly remember that resolution to recover our waistlines after the decadence of the past holidays, some of us turn to program diets (Jenny, Weight Watchers, etc.) or supplements (like the new Hoodia). But if you will follow Kitchen Diva’s “S” diet you will have an easy life-long plan of weight control:...more

Sole of the City 10k Recap and Cheer for Erika #BostonStrong

Hi! I'm Amber @ Fit, Foodie Runs here it was. The big day I have been waiting for. Eight weeks of training with Charm City Run, came down to this exact day. I have been preparing myself to run The Sole of the City 10k....more

Are White Spots on your Nails a Sign of Poor Health?

There are many myths out there about what white spots on your nails actually mean, and most of the “reasons” for the spots that you hear from people are just not true. I’m not sure why there are so many myths out there, but the truth behind white spots on your nails is a lot less ominous than people tend to lead on!...more

Quantifying Gratitude's Impact: What the Research Says

By Dr. Jami WilderFor some time now, social scientists and psychologists have been exploring the ways in which positive experiences, emotions, and mindsets impact our overall well-being and mental health. Researchers have run concepts such at connection to other, mindfulness, resilience, and happiness through the gauntlet of scientific rigor to help explain how and why they impact our lives.So what does the research tell us about gratitude (the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness)?...more

Make Sure you are Safe to Drive Home

The holiday season is upon us, and that means office parties, parties with friends and family, and the opportunity to overindulge and possibly drive. If you live in a large city, it’s not really an issue, you can always leave your car for a few extra hours and catch a cab home, or public transportation (depending on the time). But if you live in the Suburbs or somewhere where the options of getting home are minimal, other than driving or staying over, many people overestimate their ability to drive, and they head on home....more

Believe in The Possible, Live Daringly……..

          If there’s a messenger of hope, I like to be the one who can at least entertain that thought to all whom are in despair of any life’s challenges especially poor health condition.  Almost 5 years ago on Monday, December 29, 2008, I walked into a reputable hospital to have an hysterectomy which seems to be a standard normal surgical procedure, well… little that I known beyond my wildest dream or nightmare for that matter, that that infamous Monday will forever changed my life indefinitely....more

Tips to Prevent Travel Anxiety

Do you ever get really excited to go away on vacation, or go away for a long weekend, and then become totally seized with anxiety right before it’s time to go? Whether your anxiety is due to flying, packing, leaving your kids/family, animals, plants, or whatever makes your freeze up, it is a real life issue and more people than you might realize are affected by these fears, even if they don’t have a diagnosed anxiety disorder.  There are some tips that you can use to help to decrease your anxiety and make trips and traveling MUCH more enjoyable....more