#epatient – Are Millennials Born That Way?

Most of the people I meet in my voyages ’round healthcare system transformation, grassroots edition, arrived at the portal of #epatient via a trip through the medical-industrial complex. Either they, or someone they cared for, wound up getting “a thing” – cancer, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, player to be named later – and they found themselves inside the medical care delivery system, bewildered, and looking for answers.In short, most – not all, by any means, but most – are over 40....more

In Defense of Fat Doctors

One of the cool things about people actually reading my blog is all of the topic suggestions that get thrown my way.  Some of them I shrug off because they seem corny, or obvious, or too controversial (even for me), but this weekend my dear friend (who should probably remain anonymous) plopped a fabulous one right in my lap. "You need to blog about my visit to the doctor!"So here I am...blogging about someone else's doctor visit....more

USHealth Group: Helping the Health System Work Better for Everyone

If you've been having problems about American healthcare, you're not the only one. The health care system is undergoing numerous systemic changes, and consumers like us will occasionally be confused about their various options and possibilities. Previous medical plans may no longer apply, and customers are now asked to sort through a number of new plan options to choose health care coverage for themselves and their families. ...more

I am ENTITLED to a Butler - Free Butlers in the USA

I have always wanted my own butler. Wouldn't it be nice for someone to answer at my beck and call, serve me hot soup when I have a cold, clip my toe nails when they start to resemble talons in the Velociraptor family and fold my adult-size roomy Hello Kitty panties. ...more

Can You Haggle for Health Care?

You can’t really pick up a newspaper or magazine without finding an article about health care. We read, listen and watch as the tale unfolds, but rarely do we truly understand the plot, or any of the twists and turns, until we are the protagonist. ...more
wow. This is something I didn't really think about before, thank you! This has started me thinking.more

Welcome to the Doctor's Office — Your Papers Please

I recently took my daughter to our pediatric ophthalmologist — a physician she has seen for several years, and with whom we have a very good relationship.At this appointment, however, the receptionist gave me three new forms to fill out.  These forms were not the usual update forms.  This new paperwork required specific and personal demographic information.As I filled out the new forms, I wondered why my daughter’s eye doctor suddenly needed to keep track of things that seem irrelevant — such as the color of our skin....more