Characteristics and Benefits of Integrated Healthcare

Kavita, a 53-year-old teacher, hurt her elbow which required surgery at a hospital. However, when she came back home, she developed mild fever and had to visit the local doctor who gave her powerful antibiotics leading to diarrhea. Kavita was using a walker at home but accidentally fell and injured herself and again went to the hospital. During the check-up, the doctor noticed that she was coughing a lot. He referred her to a specialist who advised her to have a chest X-ray....more

HLAA’s 2016 Convention – A Time For Friendship & Focus

I just got back from Hearing Loss Association of America’s (HLAA) 2016 Convention in Washington DC. I loved it! I learned a lot in the plenary and small group sessions and had the opportunity to connect and reconnect with hearing loss advocates from around the world....more

Why Patients Should Work With Practices Which Have Implemented EHR In Their Clinics

Electronic Health Records (EHR) software is not only beneficial to the medical community, but also patients. On a basic level, an EHR provides a digitized version of the “paper chart” you often see doctors and nurses using. It’s also a technology-based and convenient way to report and share health information between doctors and patients....more

Uncommon Sense

Uncommon SenseMay 18, 2016 ...more


I'm scared. I'm scared of the unknown. I'm scared of change, and I'm scared of things staying the same.  Today, just a few hours after this post is published, I'll be sitting in a doctor's office. A new doctor - one of many who I've seen for my back / hip / leg pain.  ...more

#epatient – Are Millennials Born That Way?

Most of the people I meet in my voyages ’round healthcare system transformation, grassroots edition, arrived at the portal of #epatient via a trip through the medical-industrial complex. Either they, or someone they cared for, wound up getting “a thing” – cancer, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, player to be named later – and they found themselves inside the medical care delivery system, bewildered, and looking for answers.In short, most – not all, by any means, but most – are over 40....more

In Defense of Fat Doctors

One of the cool things about people actually reading my blog is all of the topic suggestions that get thrown my way.  Some of them I shrug off because they seem corny, or obvious, or too controversial (even for me), but this weekend my dear friend (who should probably remain anonymous) plopped a fabulous one right in my lap. "You need to blog about my visit to the doctor!"So here I am...blogging about someone else's doctor visit....more

USHealth Group: Helping the Health System Work Better for Everyone

If you've been having problems about American healthcare, you're not the only one. The health care system is undergoing numerous systemic changes, and consumers like us will occasionally be confused about their various options and possibilities. Previous medical plans may no longer apply, and customers are now asked to sort through a number of new plan options to choose health care coverage for themselves and their families. ...more